Commuting Student Services & Community Outreach

About Us

The Office of Commuting Student Services and Community Outreach assists the wide range of students who live off campus, both in the areas immediately surrounding the campus, as well as on and around Long Island. The office assists students in finding a place to live, being safe off campus, and other general tips and tricks to being a commuter student. At the same time, the office works to provide community service opportunities to Hofstra students, including annual programming that occurs both on and off campus, as well as other service opportunities that occur throughout the year. While not mandatory to graduate, we encourage all members to participate in some way to help give back to the local community. The office also collaborates with external organizations on service, and we are always looking for more community partners. If you are in an organization or know of one that would like to partner with us for a community-based service initiative, we encourage you to use the form to the right.

All students are welcome to visit the office – Room 221 Student Center – to ask any questions, grab a quick bite, or just hang out. Students are also encouraged to contact us with any questions they may have about being a commuting student or community service opportunities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Commuting Student Services and Community Outreach supports commuting students’ academic, social, and civic engagement at Hofstra. Our office seeks to assist commuting students in learning how to live safely, successfully, and independently in the communities that surround the University. We offer programs and seek opportunities that mutually benefit the Hofstra community and those beyond our campus.


Anita Ellis
Director, Commuting Student Services and Community Outreach
Room 221 Student Center 
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