Comparative Literature, Languages, & Linguistics

About Us

The Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics houses many innovative and challenging programs, including Asian Studies, Chinese, Classics, Comparative Literature, ESL (English as a Second Language), German, Japanese, Linguistics, and Russian, as well as a combined BA/MA in Linguistics, and an MA in Linguistics: Forensic Linguistics. The study of language, linguistics, and literature will enrich your life and improve your career prospects.

We are located on the third floor of Calkins Hall.

From the Chair

Students in our programs receive training in modern and classical languages and cultures, as well as in comparative literature and linguistics. Many of our students are double majors in the department and in another area, including business, history, biology, psychology, film and video studies.

Knowing another language will enrich your personal life and provide you with an expanded range of professional opportunities. At Hofstra, you can choose to continue with a language you have already studied or to begin a new language. 

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics is to foster in students an appreciation of both languages and literatures of the world (both Western and non-Western) through the acquisition of multiple languages and the close analysis of literary texts and other cultural documents, to promote an interest in the way different literatures relate to one another across national and cultural boundaries, and enter into dialogue with other disciplines, media, or forms of art.

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Goals and Learning Objectives

The language programs in the department of Comparative Literature, Languages, and Linguistics endeavor to develop the linguistic proficiency of its students from the introductory level through fourth-year language study.

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