Counseling & Mental Health Counseling

Program Outcomes

Mental Health Counseling (MHC) Job Placement Rate

90% of 2022-23 graduates seeking employment were employed full-time within six months of graduation.

*Based on employment at the time of graduation or follow-up with graduates within 6 months.

MHC Number of Degrees Awarded

2022-2023 degrees awarded: 27

MHC Enrollment

There were 96 students enrolled in the fall 2022.

MHC Completion Rate

95% of the 2022-2023 Mental Health Counseling alumni completed the program within 2.5 years (full-time).

*COVID-19 delayed some students from completing their fieldwork in the typical timeframe during this academic year.

National Counseling Exam (NCE) Pass Rates

2020-2021: 100%

No standardized exam is given as part of the program and alumni pass rates on the NCMHCE is not tracked.