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2022 Long Island Capture the Flag Competition

Call for Participation
2022 Long Island Capture the Flag Competition

Hofstra University and (ISC)2 Long Island Chapter will host the 2022 Long Island Capture the Flag Competition (LICTF’2022) at Hofstra University’s Cybersecurity Innovation and Research Center (CV STARR 108), 3:00-6:30pm Friday 05/06/2022.

We invite all students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate Computing/IT/Cybersecurity program on long island (including Queens and Brooklyn) to participate. The registration process will be organized in two stages. In the first stage, students will contact their faculty member at each institution for registration/recommendation. Each university is capped with up to 3 teams (up to 2 members per team). In the second stage, the remaining spots will be made available for open registration.

The primary faculty coaches at each institution are listed below (to be updated):
Hofstra - Xiang Fu
SCCC - Jonathan Sadowski, Andrew Stone
Adelphi - Kees Leune
NYIT - Mike Nizich
SUNY Farmingdale - Nazrul Islam
Nassau Community College - Uzo N. Osuno

LICTF runs on the state of the art Silensec Cyber Range system, operated at Hofstra’s Cybersecurity Innovation and Research Center. Each team will be assigned a collection of two cloud virtual machines: one Kali Linux (which is equipped with ethical hacking tools) and one Linux Centos (which is loaded with vulnerable applications prepared by the organizers).

There are five categories of CTF challenges: (1) Linux: which assess the hands-on operating system administration skills; (2) Crypto: which cover design, implementation, and reverse engineering of cryptography related protocols and products; (3) packet analysis: interception, analysis and decryption of Internet traffic; (4) web application: attack and defense of web applications; (5) Pwnable and crackable: reverse engineering of binary executables using techniques such as buffer overflow, heap spray, and debugging. There are three levels of challenges in each category: easy (solvable by first-year computing majors), medium (appropriate for sophomore students), and hard (for senior students). The contest also has a collection of assessment questions, covering a randomly selected pool of knowledge points defined by the NSA-CAE-CD standard.

To get prepared for the contest, it is advised to review the basics of Linux (e.g., SUID permission bits), cryptography (e.g., openssl, RSA, ECC), web applications (PHP, Mysql, node.js), networking (e.g., tcpdump, Wireshark, TLS), and reverse engineering (GDB, assembly, buffer overflow).

The detailed program is shown as below:

2:30-3:00pm Guest registration (light beverage and refreshments served)
3:00pm-3:15pm Opening speech (faculty and ISC2 representatives)

3:15pm-5:45pm CTF  | Guest/Judge Rest in Lobby Area

5:45pm-6:00pm Food break / judges determine awards
6:00pm-6:05pm Awards/recognition of donors
6:05pm-6:15pm Concluding remarks

The top three winner teams will be determined by a committee of faculty and professionals from participating universities and ISC2. Prize and donors will be announced shortly.

Please use the following link for open registration: (selected teams will be notified Friday 04/29/2022)

ALL GUESTS (Hofstra students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors) that attend a Hofstra University-sponsored indoor event must be fully vaccinated.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before event, as evidence of vaccination will be required at time of entry. 

  • Hofstra community (faculty, staff and students) please have your Hofstra Pride Pass open upon arrival via the App ( or HU portal, Vaccination card or Excelsior Pass available.
  • Visitors please have either your Vaccination card with Government ID or Excelsior Pass available.  

Masks are optional for indoor campus events.

Hofstra University
Official ISC2 Chapter Long Island NY

The event is partly supported by a gift from Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.