DeMatteis School Co-Op Program


Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the DeMatteis Co-Op program.

Which students qualify?

All students are required to complete SEAS 100 prior to starting the program.

Undergraduate students must possess a minimum 2.75 GPA overall.
Graduate students must possess a minimum 3.2 GPA overall.

F-1 International Students are eligible to participate if they meet all requirements to obtain authorization for Curricular Practical Training (CPT). Students should contact the International Student Affairs office for more information about CPT. Other international students should make sure they can participate in the Co-op program based on their immigration status. Please consult the International Student Affairs office to discuss.

For MS-CS qualifications, please refer to the Co-op Student Handbook.

How long is the Co-op program?

The Co-op position is a full-term employment role that lasts between six and eight months. Actual length of the employment and work hours vary by company.

Are there fees to participate in the Co-op program?

There are no fees to participate in the program. Students are required, however, to pay a matriculation fee during the fall or spring semester when the student is not enrolled on campus, to maintain status as a continuing student.

When am I eligible to enter the program?

Students must have completed the first half of their junior year curriculum to participate in the program. Check with your academic advisor and with the Co-op office, if you are unsure about meeting this requirement. International students should check with International Student Affairs to make sure they meet the eligibility requirements based on their immigration status.

For MS-CS qualifications, please refer to the Co-op Student Handbook.

Am I allowed to take courses while on a Co-op assignment?

No, during the fall or spring semester you will maintain matriculation at Hofstra University by paying the requisite fee per term, but you will not be taking any courses. You are expected to be a full-time employee during your assignment.

Do students complete only one Co-op assignment?

The Hofstra Co-op experience is designed for only one six-to-eight month working period per student. This allows students to be able to complete their education in four and a half years without having to take summer session classes to meet degree requirements. The one extended work period also gives adequate time for students to extract a maximum amount of experience in a company environment.

What is the average salary for Co-op students?

The exact salary depends on the employer. As a rule, salaries range from $18- $25 per hour.

How can I apply?

Interested students must submit the following four documents:

The forms may be found in the Co-Op Student Handbook.

How will I find out if I have been offered a Co-op position?

The company will contact you via letter, phone, or email to apprise you of their offer of a position. When that happens, please inform the Co-op office of your offer.

What do I do if I'm offered several Co-op positions?

First, you should be very pleased that you have options. As with any other job seeker, go with the one you think is most in line with your interests. But remember that you have a limited time allotted by the company to make your decision, and be sure to notify the other companies whose offers you decline, also within the allotted time for a decision.

Must I accept an offer if I receive only one offer?

No, you are not obligated to accept an offer made to you, but you must notify the company of your declining it within the timeframe set for a response. Once you accept an offer, you should feel obligated to honor your commitment to the company. That is also why you should carefully research a company before interviewing with them.

What if I am let go from a company before my term ends for reasons other than poor work performance?

Sometimes companies may let employees go for economic reasons. In those cases, you will return to school at your next scheduled semester.

Does participation in the Co-op program jeopardize my graduation in terms of courses being available in a timely fashion?

No, when you begin your Co-op experience, you have completed most of your core courses in your degree program. Suitable technical electives and design courses are offered in sufficient frequency, as are remaining required courses, to complete your degree in four and a half years. When you have accepted a Co-op position for a given semester and summer, you can work with your faculty advisor to plan out the courses you will need to take when you return to academic life.

Can I live on campus during my Co-op experience?

Yes, provided you follow the normal arrangements with the housing office at Hofstra University for reserving a room and making payments.

What about living arrangements if my Co-op job is far from Hofstra?

Most companies will offer you some assistance in relocating and finding suitable housing, but if they don't, you will have to find your own housing. This subject should be discussed during your interview. Obviously, you have to factor this added cost in time and money when choosing a position far from Hofstra or from your home.

Will my financial aid be affected if I participate in the Co-op program?

Your financial aid and academic scholarships will be placed on temporary hold while you are on your Co-op assignment. However, when you return to the University as a full-time student your financial aid will resume. Students on athletic scholarship should meet with the Office of Athletic Compliance about NCAA scholarship guidelines.

Will I get academic credit for Co-op work?

No, you will not receive any academic credit or grade for the completion of the Co-op assignment. However, successful completion of the program will be noted on your transcript.

Can I continue working part-time with my Co-op position after my term ends?

Normally, you need to return to full-time studies at the end of your term, so no continued association is expected. However, if a company expresses an interest in having you continue to work for them part-time while you return to full-time student status, it would be at your discretion to continue that association.

Can I work part-time with another company during my Co-op term?

No, you are expected to devote your full professional attention to the company that hired you as a Co-op student.

Can I take vacation during my Co-op assignment?

You should not schedule any vacation during your Co-op assignment.