DeMatteis School Co-Op Program

Student Testimonials

Hear What Our Co-Op Students Are Saying

"I would recommend the Co-Op Program to underclassmen. It is a very practical way of applying the skills learned in classes to a new environment, reinforcing concepts and learning things that are not taught in the classroom. It helps develop soft and hard skills, but most importantly, it gives experience. Many jobs in the computer science and engineering industries require experience, and it is difficult to accrue enough to meet those requirements. Doing a co-op is a great way to get that experience while still in college and earn some income as well."

Hannah Chin
Computer Science
MSC - Direct

"The experience has been worth the time I put in. I have gained valuable experience through my increased technical knowledge and more importantly real world experience through my various interactions with other employees. I now know what it takes to work for a company as large as Northwell and that is something I am glad the Co-Op Program has allowed me to experience. For an underclassman who wants a taste of what it’s like to work for a big company, I would 100% recommend they work at Northwell for their co-op."

Jacob Musovic
MS, Computer Science
Northwell Health

"The Co-Op Program was a big reason why I chose to attend Hofstra. It very may well be the most relevant thing I have done for my career while at Hofstra. Being paid is good, the knowledge is valuable, and experience is priceless – I do not understand why anyone would choose not to participate in the Co-Op Program. I absolutely recommend for underclassmen to participate in a co-op."

Alex Hugger
Mechanical Engineering
Arkwin Industries

"For anyone interested in the construction field, this is a great opportunity to get real experience on the field. The job requires you to wake up early and be on your feet all day, but you get to experience exactly what a construction superintendent does. This co-op has really helped me get a better understating of what I can do with my civil engineering degree and whether I want to be on the design side or the construction side."

Kanwarvir Randhawa
Civil Engineering
Pavarini McGovern

Betatronix Logo

"The first month was a little overwhelming. You quickly realize how different working life is from school. This program is definitely worth the time. I will now graduate a semester late, however, the experience that I gain every day will strengthen my resume."

Rocco Famiglietti,
'17 Mechanical Engineering

Black Knight Logo

"The best way to put yourself above vast majority of students whose resumes are sprinkled with this and that internship is to join the Co-Op Program. Worst case you get some interview practice in, but more likely you will gain valuable insight about the company, the job, the industry, and most importantly, yourself."

Michael Spencer, '16
Industrial Engineering

"My first month at Black Knight was the highlight of my college career. I honestly got way more than I was expecting, and I am already trying to convince everyone to partake in a co-op because it has been a truly uplifting experience. Not only have I been developing skill in my field, I am networking with many influential individuals, obtaining very helpful resources, growing as a person, and most importantly I have come to understand what it truly means to work and succeed in my field."

Tyrone Harmon, '19
Computer Engineering

CCSi Logo

"My on the job experience for the first month had been incredibly interesting. My problem solving has been improved since I first started. My public speaking skills have greatly increased due to being encouraged so heavily to interject my thoughts and opinions at our meetings. I've also learned great time management skills while on the job."

Matt Gavin, '17
Computer Science

Contract Pharma Logo

"Approximately one month into the co-op I met with my supervisor and the president of the company, who asked me to become a part of the biggest project the company had undertaken to date. This project consisted of dedicated 70,000+ sq. ft. facility, with eight production lines, five different styles of machinery, and a partnership with a multibillion dollar corporation.
The opportunity that Hofstra and the Co-Op Program had afforded me by helping me get my foot in the door, is one that I am grateful for. Overall the experience has been invaluable, making it what I would consider a must, in the Hofstra curriculum. I can without a doubt recommend it to all those who would consider the opportunity.

Chris Young
MS BA & BS Mechanical Engineering

Curtiss Wright Logo

"These past 5 months have been an awesome experience and solidified my decision to become a mechanical engineer. I would highly recommend this Co-Op Program to every Hofstra engineering student, as the experience you get on the job is unlike any you will get in the classroom. It was a big decision whether to take off the semester and do this program, or just stay the course and graduate on time, but now I know I made the right choice."

Chris Lewis, '17
Mechanical Engineering

Festo Logo

"My co-op at Festo has been more beneficial than I could’ve ever imagined! It has been such a wonderful growing experience and I now have so many more skills and tools that I will be able to use in my future career path! I would strongly recommend the co-op to every engineering student. It is a beneficial learning experience from the very beginning stages of editing resumes and going on interviews. I learned a great deal more than what I would've learned in a short summer internship or a part-time semester internship."

Abby Brauer, '16
Mechanical Engineering

Jaros, Baum & Bolles Logo

"While far from over, my co‐op experience has been nothing short of magnificent. It is a great opportunity to not just gain experience, but to get a better understanding of what direction I could take in the broad world of engineering. I would recommend the Co‐Op Program to any engineer at Hofstra. Missing a few credits cannot compare to what you will gain in experience and direction. "

Brandon Sinclair, '16
Mechanical Engineering

Lockheed Martin logo

"Overall, my experience so far has been very fruitful. I've gotten to finally realize how it is to work for a huge company such as Lockheed Martin, and I have definitely learned a lot from the experience. This experience has helped me understand what kind of environment I want to be in as a professional, and I think where I am at right now, it is a good fit for me. Also, thank you Phil for providing me with an opportunity such as this, many of my fellow co-workers mentioned how great of a program Hofstra's Co-Op Program is and I'm glad I was able to work with you to make it happen."

Aizaz Chaudary, ’18, 16
MS, Computer Science
BS, Computer Science

National Grid Logo

"This experience is definitely something that has not only helped me to perfect my skills, but to also further understand what I will be doing after college."

Daniel Merklin, '17
Mechanical Engineering

"The experience so far at National Grid has been amazing to say the least. I am involved in the office lifestyle and continuing assignments utilizing applications of structural analysis, concrete and steel design, foundations, AutoCad and even principles from Master's level engineering. I have also done drafting and calculated the volumes of secondary containment systems and lastly, completed foundation analysis for piers and tanks. In comparison to previous experiences, I am past the point where my internships would have ended, where I was at the "peak" of my performance. So far, I believe that this has been a great opportunity; I have noticed an improvement in soft and technological skills, and hope that I will continue to improve and meet new people until the end of my term here at National Grid."

Ciaran R. Quinn, '17
Civil Engineering

NYS Logo

"So far, my co-op experience has been the best learning experience of my college career. In these three months, I have acquired skills that cannot be taught in a classroom. From soft skills, to preparing blueprints to go out to bid, I have learned how to become a professional in my trade.
Overall, this experience is something that I am very grateful for. I am blessed to come to work every day and love what I am doing. I love this job so much that I will be continuing here as a part-time employee when I return to school in the fall."

Ryan J. Cook, '18
Industrial Engineering

Prime Engineering Logo

"My public speaking has improved, as I spoke with different clients and town representatives throughout the process of each job. What greatly surprised me was that the subjects I learned in school were expanded upon during my work experience. I would recommend this to other underclassmen because it is a great experience while in college."

Marc Anthony Minicozzi, '17
Civil Engineering

PSE&G Logo

"This job helped me develop by abilities to notice and pay attention to the small details. More importantly, I gained skills interacting and discussing project requirements with fellow engineers. All in all, this has been an enjoyable and educational experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to gain work experience in the field of engineering."

Pat Mortimer, '17
Mechanical Engineering

Skanska Logo

"Looking back, I’ve realized the valuable opportunity of this experience to grow personally and professional"

Robin Singh, '17
Mechanical Engineer

Spectronics Logo

"There is no doubt in my mind that doing this co-op was the right choice. It has been great experience in all realms, both technical and professional."

Noah Rood Goldman, '18
Electrical Engineering

Structure Tone Logo

"I am working as a Construction Superintendent for Structure Tone, a general contractor in the city. The skills I have learned in three months are invaluable towards my career. Construction management was something that never crossed my mind as a career choice and now it has become my leading career choice. I am very fortunate to be a part of the pilot class of Hofstra's Co-op Program. I strongly recommend this program to fellow students because the experience I gained has helped me in ways I never thought were possible."

Robert Kollmer, '17
Mechanical Engineering

Telephonics Logo

"I have honed the skills of using Visio for detailed and complex design drawings, as well as AutoCAD. I have worked on bettering my lab testing reports as well my public speaking skills in meetings."

Daryl Fowlkes, '17
Electrical Engineering

"I would definitely recommend this co-op to anyone who wants to learn what engineering actually is."

Rafal Golaszewsi, '17
Electrical Engineering

Ultraflex Logo

"This co-op experience has been a powerful learning experience for me. I have gained a lot of experience working in a team, and with weekly deadlines towards a common goal of producing results for the good of the company. Though I would likely choose a company closer to my desired field if I were to do a co-op again, I would definitely recommend the Co-Op Program to any Hofstra students who are interested, as it is a great way to become exposed to the intricacies of the working world in a lower-stress environment than a post-college job. Now that I have been working at Ultraflex for a number of months, I feel much more prepared for my future career, as well as more confident about what kind of work I might like to do. "

Max Mogel, '19
Mechanical Engineering

Walden Associates Logo

"My experience at Walden has been nothing short of life changing. I am excited for the coming three months and the different jobs they hold. The amount of work I have been given has been fair and challenging. No two days are the same at Walden. The atmosphere is very welcoming, the company celebrates birthdays and gives employees the freedom other companies may not provide. I am appreciative of the opportunity given to me and I look forward to the future challenges I will face."

Edmond Kirby, '16
Engineering Science