Drama & Dance

Dance Audition

Thank you so much for your interest in the Hofstra Dance Program!

Students who wish to declare Dance as their major must first apply to Hofstra University.

  • Students interested in pursuing the BA degree may register with Dance as their major as soon as they are notified that they have been accepted academically.

  • If interested in pursuing a double major, students should declare Dance first so they may be placed in the majors only courses (and should also let us know what the second major will be).

  • Students wishing to pursue the BS degree in Dance Education should apply as BA dance students and they will switch to the BS degree in their Junior year. 

We highly encourage all students to audition for the Dance program so that they may be placed in the correct level of technique classes and also so that they may try for some "Grant-in-Aid" dance scholarship money. Students interested in the BFA degree must audition.

In-Person Auditions

For students entering Hofstra for the 2024-2025 academic year, there will be two “in person” auditions: Sunday, Feb. 11, 2024, and Saturday, March 2, 2024, on Hofstra's South Campus at Lawrence Herbert School of Communication, Room 209. Please contact the Department of Drama and Dance secretary in January to reserve your place. 516-463-5444 or Wanda.Williams-Pringle@hofstra.edu.

We will also accept video submissions for those students unable to appear in person. Please send video of the following dance material to Rachel.List@hofstra.edu as well as a dance resume outlining previous dance training and a full-body photo in dance attire. Preferably, all materials should be received by mid-January 2024, but could be accepted at any time. Hofstra admissions are rolling.

To be included:

  1. A selection of ballet barre work (exercises on one side only)
  2. A selection of ballet center work (adagio, pirouette combination, petite allegro combination)
  3. A short selection of modern/contemporary center combinations
  4. A solo (1-2 minutes long, preferably modern or contemporary) which could be choreographed by the student or by someone else (please name the choreographer)

When submitting an online video audition:

  1. Go to your Youtube account
  2. Click upload in upper right corner
  3. Click privacy dropdown in center of upload area, set to public or unlisted
  4. Upload the video

Once upload is completed and processed, go to the video and click “share” underneath right corner of video, copy the link shown and email it to Rachel.List@hofstra.edu.


Please email Program Director Rachel List if you have any questions. We look forward to receiving your materials.