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Christine Tyrell M.S.Ed. in Fine Arts Education '13

Christine Tyrell, MSEd

Tell us about your path to Hofstra University.

I attended Hofstra University for a few semesters while obtaining my bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. While at Hofstra, I worked at the Hofstra University Museum of Art and greatly enjoyed being part of the University’s art community. I had always admired the campus and faculty. My experience attending this school was a positive one.

When I decided to pursue my master's degree in Fine Arts Education, Hofstra was the first school I researched. After learning about Dr. Susan Goetz-Zwirn’s Art Education program, I knew it was the place for me.

How did you decide to major in Fine Arts Education?

I am a creative director in the design industry. I thoroughly enjoy teaching others about artwork and working with them to express their own forms of visual communication. My passion for art education, combined with my interest in child development and learning, brought me to this new and exciting stage in my career.   

What opportunities have you taken advantage of at Hofstra?

I have attended myriad lectures and educational seminars at Hofstra. There is a wealth of knowledge that can be acquired through Hofstra’s educational programs. I have had the opportunity to work with students in Long Island classrooms and at Hofstra’s Fine Arts summer camp. This exposure gave me invaluable experience with students of all ages. Hofstra’s academic resources are extremely beneficial as well. I am a frequent visitor of the Hofstra University Museum of Art and on-campus library facilities. I also enjoyed being given the opportunity to display my own artwork on occasion through the Fine Arts Education program.

Have you found mentors in any of the faculty here?

I undoubtedly have found mentors in Hofstra’s faculty. Dr. Zwirn’s dedication to her field and thoughtful consideration for her students are extremely inspiring. Her passion is contagious, and the courses she teaches leave lasting impressions!

How has your experience prepared you for your future job search?

Hofstra’s Fine Arts Ed program gave me a broad knowledge base in the field of education. I feel that I am well versed in human development and understand New York state’s standards of education.  My fine arts mastery and grasp of art history intensified as a result of this program as well. I possess the confidence needed to interview and preform as an educator.

What advice would you give to others looking to attend Hofstra?

Take advantage of the many opportunities Hofstra has to offer and research your area of interest.  Only you can choose the course of your life, and Hofstra is a great place to start.  Good luck!