Student-Run Record Label

Unispan Records

Applications for Spring 2023 – Fall 2023 will open to all students on November 14, 2022, and are due on December 16, 2022. Limited spots are available, so apply promptly.

Hofstra University's Unispan Records is open for business and will be hiring new volunteer staff for spring 2023 through fall 2023.

Students will be mentored by top music industry professionals, attend mandatory workshops, and commercialize music over the course of two semesters. The previous student cohorts signed the following artists:

  • IzzeYe, a hip-hop artist and Hofstra alumnus. Students worked on his first Extended Play (EP) record, “Illusions,” which was released on all major streaming services in October 2017. IzzeYe was one of the opening acts for Lil Wayne at Hofstra's Fall Festival 2017.
  • Hofstra graduate, KarmaRé, was signed in spring of 2018. KarmaRé is a pop singer-songwriter who has performed in venues from NYC to the east end of Long Island. Her EP titled “Moodring” was released in April of 2019 and she was recently one of the opening acts for Flo Rida at Hofstra’s Fall Festival 2019.
  • Rian Wyld, a classically trained pianist who combines classic R&B with hip-hop, was signed in spring 2019. Wyld released two singles, “Becoming” and “A Lot On My Mind,” and an EP titled “She is Me” accompanied by three music videos.
  • In spring of 2021, Unispan Records signed our current artist, Weird America. You may have seen them perform live at Hofstra’s Music Fest 2022, or listened to their single Auxilium on your favorite streaming service, or watched their music video.

In spring 2023-fall 2023, the staff will continue to produce, market, promote, and distribute new music from Weird America, and sign a new artist.

Positions Available

Below are the departments and volunteer positions we are hiring for:

A&R (Artist and Repertoire)

Artist and song solicitation, reviewing submissions, assessment and selection, and artist development.
Required: Pro Tools knowledge, knowledge of the recording process, ear for music, passion for music, knowledge of song structure
Preferred: Ability to read and/or play music (Music or Music Business major or minor)

Marketing, Promotion, and Publicity

Developing marketing plans, tools, budgets, and schedules.
Required: Completion of relevant courses, excellent with Excel, strong communication skills (both written and spoken), outgoing personality.
Preferred: Major or minor in Public Relations or Marketing


Song selection and solicitation by genre, creation of a promotional ad campaign.
Required: Prior or current experience working with WRHU-88.7 FM Radio Hofstra University, knowledge of internet radio platforms and streaming platforms, outgoing personality.
Preferred: Radio production or marketing experience

Creative Services

Design of album logo and concept, album cover, and marketing materials, music video and social media content creation.
Required: Adobe Photoshop, artistic, knowledge of branding, video filming, and editing
Preferred: Previous internship in graphic design, Fine Arts major or minor, Television Production studies, Video/Television, Video/Television and Film, Film Studies major or minor.

Internet and New Media

Design and maintain record label website, creation of online marketing materials and campaigns, social media plans, development of games or apps.
Required: Ability to design and build a website, knowledge of social media marketing strategies, SEO, active on social media, knowledge of audience building.
Preferred: Ability to code.


Determine where and how the project will be sold.
Required: Desire to cause disruption in the music industry, highly organized and dedicated to meeting goals, excellent math skills.
Preferred: Accounting or Finance major or minor.

Artist Management

The direct liaison between the label and the artist, informs the artist of all the label demands and vice versa. Ensure that the artist can focus solely on the creative process by managing all business aspects of the artist’s career, including live performances, interviews, and photoshoots. Book and supervise live events and public appearances to help the artist build their public presence and gain exposure.
Required: Willingness to work as hard or harder than the artist to achieve goals, ability to create new business opportunities, knowledge of staying on brand and how brand extension works, knowledge of live performance productions.
Preferred:  Experience managing an artist or working at a venue.

Project Management

Oversight for all departments, set dates for deliverables.
Required: Ability to multitask, hold people accountable, set expectations, create benchmarks, and prepare reports.
Preferred: Experience in a management position, or as an administrative assistant.

Executives in Residence