Facilities and Operations

Campus Operations

The Campus Operations group provides comprehensive facilities services for more than 3 million square feet of buildings/services/facilities, including academic, administrative, dining, athletics, and residential buildings and grounds of the 244-acre campus. For more information, call the Facilities and Operations Service Desk at 516-463-6619.

The department has overall responsibility to provide safe access to all campus facilities throughout the year. For snow instructions, including parking and campus notification status reports, visit the Department of Public Safety’s Campus Notification page or call Public Safety at 516-463-6606.

Note: To request services and resources (space, audio visual, furnishings), complete the Event Management request form. For more information, call the Office of Event Management at 516-463-6925, Athletics Facilities at 516-463-6616, Hofstra University Club at 516-463-6648, or the John Cranford Adams Playhouse at 516-463-6603.

View Hofstra at a Glance for more information about the Hofstra campus.

Event Management and Conference Services

The Office of Event Management provides expert assistance with event reservations and arrangements for visitors and Hofstra organizations that require the use of University resources and space. To request space or resources, call the office at 516-463-6925, seven days a week, or visit the Office of Event Management website to complete the appropriate Reservation Request Form. View the Calendar of Events and the Daily Webviewer Calendar for more information about campus activities and events, including the annual Hofstra Festivals.

Campus Custodial Services

The Custodial staff is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and necessary set-up of equipment and access to the Hofstra facilities. The staff monitors the campus and ensures readiness and optimum access for the campus community. To initiate a service request, complete the Facilities and Operations Work Request form.

Grounds and the Hofstra Arboretum

All outdoor areas of the 244-acre campus are managed and maintained by the Hofstra Grounds and Landscaping group. The campus includes an arboretum, bird sanctuary, gardens, trees, plantings, and over 70 unique sculptures, including the new Tulip Sampler Garden, east of Breslin Hall on the South Campus. The Hofstra Arboretum consists of more than 11,000 trees of 580 distinct varieties, plantings, and gardens. Memorial gardens and plaques can be donated and designed by our expert landscape design team. View the list of current memorials here. For more information, call Fred Soviero, director of Grounds and Landscaping, at 516-463-6623.

Receiving and Stores

Receiving and Stores is located in Room 111 Plant Building. Call the Receiving and Stores office at 516-463-6093 for more information from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday. Print or view a copy of the Office Supply Catalog and the Hofstra Supply Requisition Form. Requests can be sent via fax to Receiving and Stores at 516-463-4081.