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Christopher W. Niedt

Associate Professor of Applied Social Research in the Department of Sociology


PHD, 2007, Univ Calif Berkeley; MA, 2002, Univ Calif Berkeley; BA, 1999, Johns Hopkins Univ


I am broadly concerned with the effects of metropolitan growth and decline on race and class inequality in the suburban U.S. My recent research projects focus on the effects of the foreclosure crisis, the redevelopment of older suburbs, the use of eminent domain, and the relationship between suburban demographic and political change. As Academic Director of the National Center for Suburban Studies, I have edited volumes on suburban movements that challenge racial/ethnic exclusion (Social Justice in Diverse Suburbs, Temple University Press, 2013), and on innovative policy solutions to the foreclosure crisis (Forging a New Housing Policy [with Marc Silver], NCSS, 2011).


SOC 103 Social Problems
SOC 141 Urban and Community Studies
SOC 191 Advanced Seminar: Suburban Issues
SOC 252 Special Topics Seminar: Housing Policy

Selected Publications

Niedt, Christopher and Brett Christophers. 2016. “Value at Risk in the Suburbs: Eminent Domain, Mortgage Acquisition, and the Foreclosure Crisis.” International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.

Christophers, Brett and Christopher Niedt. 2016. “Resisting Devaluation: Foreclosure, Eminent Domain Law, and the Geographical Political Economy of Risk.” Environment and Planning A 48 (3): 485-503.

Martin, Isaac W. and Christopher Niedt. 2015. Foreclosed America. Stanford University Press Briefs.

Niedt, Christopher and Marc Silver. 2014. An Uneven Road to Recovery: Place, Race, and Mortgage Lending on Long Island. Long Island Housing Services / National Center for Suburban Studies at Hofstra.

Niedt, Christopher. 2014. Politics in the Diversifying Suburbs. In Atlas of the 2012 Elections, edited by J. Clark Archer et al. Lanham, Md.: Rowman and Littlefield, pp. 120-126.

Niedt, Christopher. 2013. "Legal Geographies – The Politics of Eminent Domain: From False Choices to Community Benefits." Urban Geography 43 (8): 1047-1069.

Niedt, Christopher, ed. 2013. Social Justice in Diverse Suburbs: History, Politics, and Prospects. Philadelphia: Temple University Press.

Lassiter, Matthew and Christopher Niedt. 2013. “Beyond White Flight: Suburban Diversity in Post-War America”. Journal of Urban History 39 (1): 3-14.

Niedt, Christopher and Isaac Martin. 2013. “Who Are the Foreclosed?: A Statistical Portrait of America in Crisis”. Housing Policy Debate 23 (1): 159-176.

Niedt, Christopher. 2011. “Comment on Carpenter and Ross (2009) : Eminent Domain and Equity.” Urban Studies 48 (16): 3613 - 3619.

Niedt, Christopher and Marc Silver, eds. 2011. “Forging a New Housing Policy: Opportunity in the Wake of Crisis.” National Center for Suburban Studies.

Niedt, Christopher and Margaret Weir. 2010. "Property Rights, Taxpayer Rights, and the Multiscalar Attack on the State: Consequences for Regionalism in the United States." Regional Studies 44(2): 153-65.

Niedt, Christopher. 2006. "Gentrification and the Grassroots: Popular Support in the Revanchist Suburb." Journal of Urban Affairs 28(1): 99-120.

Niedt, Christopher, Greg Ruiters, Dana Wise, Erica Schoenberger. 1999. "The Costs of the Living Wage in Baltimore." Washington DC: Economic Policy Institute.

Teaching Interests

Urban sociology, sociology of housing, sociology of labor, political economy, urban geography, urban politics

Research Interests

Gentrification, regionalism, political history of the U.S. suburbs

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
CRM 187D (IS) CRIME, DISORDER, & CITIES Undergraduate
SOC 141 (BH) URBAN AMERICA Undergraduate
SOC 2141 (BH) URBAN AMERICA Graduate
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