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Robert W. Seagull

Professor of Biology


PHD, 1979, York Univ; MSC, 1975, Univ Windsor; BSC, 1973, Univ Windsor

Teaching Interests

Plant Cell Biology Plant Physiology General Biology General Botany

Research Interests

For over 30 years, my research has focused on understanding the fundamental mechanisms that control plant cell growth and development. Within that context, my current research focuses on understanding the biological mechanisms that control cotton fiber growth and development. Most of the textile properties of cotton fiber are directly affected by the biological processes that control cell elongation and wall synthesis. My lab uses a multi-faceted approach, employing ultrastructural analysis (both light and electron microscopy), pharmacological studies and physiological investigations. Through these analyses we will identify pivotal developmental mechanisms and "windows of opportunity" that can be modified in ways that will improve the textile properties of cotton fiber and increase the economic value of US grown cotton.

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
BIO 011 (NS) INTRO CELL BIO & GENETICS Undergraduate
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Gittleson Hall 010
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