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Elaine Sherman

Professor Emerita of Marketing and International Business


PHD, 1983, CUNY Baruch Coll; MPHIL, 1982, CUNY Baruch Coll; MBA, 1978, Hofstra Univ; BA, 1961, CUNY Brooklyn Coll



• MKT 101
• MKT 124
• MKT 135

Areas of Expertise

  • Political Marketing
  • Age Life Cycle and Aging Americans
  • News 12 Public Opinion Polls
  • Direct Interactive Marketing and Media
  • Cross-cultural Consumer Services
  • Consumer Trust
  • Elderly Markets


Ph.D. in Business
Specialization in Consumer Behavior
Graduate SChool & University Center,
City University of New York

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) in Marketing .
Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Education
Brooklyn College, City University of New York, New York

Selected Publications

  • Schiffman, L., Thelen, S. T., & Sherman, E. "Interpersonal and Political Trust:
    Modeling Levels of Citizens' Trust".
    European Journal of Marketing (2010),44 (3/4)
  • Cohen, D. E. Sherman, and L. Schiffman, "An Examination of a Firm-Level Model of
    Green Marketing Strategies" GBATA Global Business and Technology Conference
    Proceedings summer 2009 Prague, Czech Republic
  • Sherman, Elaine, Leon Schiffman, & Shawn T. Thelen (2008). Impact of Trust on
    Candidates, Branches of Government and the Media Within the Context of the 2004 U.S.
    Presidential Election.
    Journal of Political Marketing, 7 (2), 105-130.
  • Schiffman, L., Sherman, E., Cohn, D "Looking in on Global Consumer Users:
    To Develop Better Product Feature Sets." Evolution and Revolution in the Global
    Knowledge Economy: Enhancing Innovation and Competitiveness Worldwide'
    Proceedings (2008) (vol.10th). GBATA ( Global Business and Technology Association)
    Madrid, Spain
  • Schiffman,L., D.Cohen , E. Sherman, J. Jaesok, "An Investigation of the Opening Blog
    Page: Preferences for Text or Pictures" Achieving Competitive Advantage Through
    Managing Global Resources Proceedings,
    2007, GBATA (Global Business and
    Technology Association), Taipei, Taiwan
  • Cohn, Debra, Leon G. Schiffman, & Elaine Sherman (2006). Advertising-Marketing
    Professionals: Themes of Thinking of the Benefits and Burdens of Blogs
    Academy of
    Marketing Science/Korean Academy of Marketing Science Proceedings,
  • Sherman, Elaine, Leon Schiffman, & Shawn T. Thelen (2005). Political Trust:
    A Comparison of Younger and Older Voters Within the Context of the 2004 U.S.
    Presidential Election,.
    ICPM Proceedings, April, Kastoria, Greece.
  • Sherman, Elaine, & Mary Long (2004). Understanding Online Recreational Shoppers.
    Navigating Crisis and Opportunities in Global Market: Leadership, Strategy and
    Governance - Proceedings,
    (6th vol.). GBATA (Global Business and Technology
    Association), 2004, pp. 695-702, Capetown, South Africa.
  • Schiffman, Leon, Elaine Sherman, & Mary Long (2003). Towards a Better
    Understanding of the Interplay of Personal Values and the Internet.
    Psychology and
    20 (2), 169-185.
  • Sherman, Elaine & Leon Schiffman (2002). Political Marketing Research in the 2000
    U.S. Election.
    Journal of Political Marketing, 1 (2/3), Spring, 53-68
  • Schiffman, Leon, Elaine Sherman, & Nicole Kirpalani, (2002). Trusting Souls: A
    Segmentation of the Voting Public.
    Psychology and Marketing, 19 (12), 993-1008.
  • Sherman, Elaine, Leon Schiffman, & Anil Mathur (2001). The Influence of Gender on
    the New Age Elderly's Consumption Orientation.
    Psychology and Marketing, 18 (10),
  • Sherman, E. and M. Topol, "Direct Marketing's Future: Where's the Promise and
    Threat of the Web? A Global Strategy Perspective," Academy of Marketing Science
    World Marketing Conference,
    eds. A. Manrai and L. Meadows, Malta, June 23-26, 1999,
    pp. 231-239.
  • Schiffman, L., M. Long, and E. Sherman, "High Tech Versus Human Touch: An
    Exploration of the Perceptions of High Technology Users of the Internet," Academy
    of Marketing Science World Marketing Conference
    , eds. A. Manrai and L. Meadows,
    Malta, June 23-26, 1999, pp. 229-230.
  • Newman, B. and E. Sherman, "The Role of Direct Marketing in Politics: Implications
    for the Internet" in Marketing and Competition in the Information Age of 28th EMAC
    (European Marketing Academy), Berlin, May 1999.
  • Sherman, Elaine, Anil Mathur, & Leon Schiffman (1998). Opportunities for Marketing
    Travel Services to New Age Elderly.
    Journal of Services Marketing, 12 (3/4).
  • Sherman, Elaine, Anil Mathur, & R. B. Smith (1997). Effects of Store Image and
    Mood on Consumer Behavior: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis.
    Psychology and
    14 (4), 361-378.
  • Sherman, E. and M. Topol, "Anticipating the Impact of New Technologies on
    Retailing," Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. 3 (2), Spring 1996, pp.
  • Sherman, Elaine & Leon Schiffman, (1994). Marketers Challenge to Understand the
    New-Age Elderly.
    Werbeforschung und Praxis, 186-190.
  • Topol, Martin & Elaine Sherman, (1994). Trends and Challenges of Expanding
    Internationally via Direct Marketing. Journal of Direct Marketing, 8 (1), 32-43.
  • Topol, M. and E. Sherman, "Trends and Challenges of Expanding Internationally via
    Direct Marketing,"
    Journal of Direct Marketing, Winter 1994, Vol. 8 (1), pp. 32-43.
  • Schiffman, Leon & Elaine Sherman (1991). The Value Orientation of New-Age Elderly:
    The Coming of an Ageless Market.
    Journal of Business Research, 22 (2), 187-194.
  • Sherman, Elaine & Leon Schiffman (1991). Quality Assessment of Older Consumers: A
    Retrospective Review,
    Journal of Business and Psychology, 6 (1), 107-119.
  • Sherman, Elaine, Joel Green, & Richard Plank (1991). Exploring Business-to-Business
    Direct Mail Campaigns: Comparing One-Sided, Two-Sided, and Competitive Message
    Journal of Direct Marketing, 5 (2), 25-29.
  • Sherman, E., "A Retrospective of Selected Issues Concerning Quality of Life and the
    Elderly Consumer," Quality of Life Studies in Marketing and Management, eds. L.
    Meadows and M. Sirgy, Quality of Life Conference, 1990, pp. 228-238.
  • Sherman, E., "Aging, Life Cycles and the Sociology of Time," Advances in Consumer
    eds. M. Goldberg, G. Gorn, and R. Pollay, Association of Consumer
    Research, 1990, Vol. 17, pp. 902-904.
    • Sherman, E.,  Schiffman L. and Thelen, S. (2012) "Young Voters' Trust of Information and Media Sources: The 2008 U. S. Presidential Election" Journal of Political Marketing 11,(4)246-265
    • Sherman, E., Schiffman L. and Zhang, Y.(2011) "A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Consumer frugality: the Case of the United States and China"  Fulfilling the Worldwide Sustainability Challenge: Strategies, Innovations, and Perspectives for Forward Momentum in Turbulent Times GBATA Global Business and Technology Proceedings Istanbul, Turkey (17)921-927

Awards & Editorial Boards with Reviewing

Beta Gama Sigma Chapter Honoree

Reviewer, Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science (JGAMS)

Reviewer, Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science

2010 - present
Reviewer, Journal of Applied Research in Quality of Life,(ARQOL)

Alumni of the Year Award
Zarb School of Business

2003, 2009
Professor Plus Incentive Award
Hofstra University.

2002 - present
Senior Editor
Journal of Political Marketing

2009 - present
Editorial Board
Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science

2004 - present
Editorial Board
Journal of Business Research

Awarded "Fellow of the International Society of Quality of Life Studies"

1991 - present
Editorial Board
Journal of Consumer Marketing

1987 - present
Editorial Board
Journal of Services Marketing


Business Experience/Background

  • Senior Projects Director, Market Discovery Group, 1984-2008
  • Pollster, NEWS 12 Television, Hofstra /NEWS 12 Public Opinion Poll,
  • Lightpath: Senior Long Island Golf Classic Survey, 2000.
  • AccuStaff/Career Horizon 1998 Salary and Employment Survey,
    AccuStaff, New York, 1998.
  • Education Committee Advisor, Direct Marketing Day in New York, 1985-
  • Research Study for Tempforce/Career Horizon: Salary and Employment
    Trends, Westbury, New York, 1991-1997

Teaching Interests

Marketing principles, marketing management, consumer behavior , interactive and direct marketing

Research Interests

political marketing, consumer behavior, cross cultural marketing, trust and political marketing, new media and trust
Photo of Elaine Sherman

Weller Hall Room 216A
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