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Kristopher M. Lotier

Assistant Professor of Writing Studies and Rhetoric


PHD, 2014, Pennsylvania State Univ; MA, 2010, Pennsylvania State Univ; BS, 2008, Univ South Carolina Columbia; BA, 2008, Univ South Carolina Columbia


Dr. Kristopher Lotier is an assistant professor of Writing Studies and Rhetoric at Hofstra University. His scholarly interests span both of those paired fields. His writing studies research focuses on the intellectual history of the discipline and on methods of "critical" or "liberatory" pedagogy. In studying rhetorical theory, Professor Lotier is fascinated by limits: especially what can and cannot be expressed in words. He also considers how "ordinary people" employ and/or understand rhetorical methods. In recent work, for instance, he studied the influence of Plato's dialogues on internet trolls. Elsewhere he has investigated how "interesting-ness" is determined and how such judgments evolve in the Reddit sub-forum Today I Learned. His scholarship has appeared in or is forthcoming from College Composition and Communication; Pedagogy: Critical Approaches to Teaching Language, Literature, Composition, and Culture; and Enculturation: A Journal of Rhetoric, Writing, and Culture. He was awarded Hofstra University's Lawrence A. Stessin Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Publication in 2017 for his article, "Around 1986: The Externalization of Cognition and the Emergence of Postprocess Invention."

Dr. Lotier regularly teaches courses in first-year writing and professional writing, among other courses in the department.

In his spare time, he volunteers at READ718, a community literacy program in Brooklyn.

Teaching Interests

Professional communication, first-year writing, rhetorical theory, social media, critical theory, pop culture, truth, beauty

Research Interests

Critical Pedagogy, Rhetorical Invention, Philosophies of Mind, The Economics of Composition, Intellectual Labor, Professional Communication, Ethical Communication

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
WSC 001 COMPOSITION Undergraduate
WSC 002 COMPOSITION Undergraduate
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