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Tara A. Enders

Assistant Professor of Biology


PHD, 2016, Washington Univ; BS, 2011, Southern Illinois Univ Edwards

Teaching Interests

Introductory Biology, Genetics, Genetics Lab, Plant Cell Biology and Development, Plant Physiology and Climate Change

Research Interests

Broadly, my lab aims to study how plants cope and respond to abiotic stress. If we can better understand the mechanisms plants use to deal with a stressful environment, we may be able to engineer more resilient plants as the climate becomes more variable. Within a single plant species there can exist a large amount of phenotypic and genetic variation. Understanding the range of responses to stress within a species is vital information for plant breeders interested in improving plant performance. Characterizing whole-plant level responses to stress allows for the summation of multiple cell- and tissue-level responses to be monitored simultaneously. My lab performs experiments which describe the different mechanisms species use to tolerate stress while introducing students to computational methods and image analysis. Additionally, we take advantage of resources for model plant species, such as Arabidopsis and maize, to understand the genetic basis for stress-related phenotypes.

Recent Courses Taught

Course Title Level
BIO 011 (NS) INTRO CELL BIO & GENETICS Undergraduate
BIO 135 GENETICS Undergraduate
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