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Faculty Policy Series #21

General Leave

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  1. General Leaves normally will be granted for a period of one year or less, but requests for limited renewals may be made on an individual basis. Applications for General Leave and extensions thereof to a maximum of three consecutive years shall be made to the Provost through the chair of the department after departmental faculty input and then through the academic dean. It shall be granted upon the Provost's recommendation and that of the President to the Board of Trustees.

    Extensions beyond the three year maximum shall be granted only in exceptional circumstances and only by the recommendations of the Provost and the President to the Board of Trustees. There shall be due consideration of the recommendation by the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs.
  2. Such leaves shall not carry compensation, but all insurance may be continued by   payment of the full premium by the faculty member.
  3. Applications should include a letter of recommendation from the applicant's academic dean and the departmental chair; a brief description of the purpose for which the leave is requested; and any additional data which might be helpful in support of the application.
  4. General Leaves shall be granted, subject to the above requirements provided that the granting of a leave or the extension there of shall not adversely affect the University's academic program.
  5. Upon the request of the faculty member, seniority and time in rank shall accrue to the faculty member on General Leave only:
    1. upon the return of the faculty to Hofstra,
    2. if the General Leave was academic in nature, as attested, by the Provost, after due consideration of a recommendation by the Senate Committee on Faculty Affairs.
    If the General Leave was not academic in nature, then seniority and time in rank shall not accrue.

FPS #21
(rev. 1986)