Financial Aid

Undergraduate Transfer Students

Welcome to Hofstra University. As a new transfer student, you will have received some information about financial aid in the mail and already know that there are many options to help you pay for college. You may also have some financial aid in place. Either way, we recommend that you follow these steps to ensure that nothing gets overlooked. So let's get started.

Make sure your transcripts from your former high school and college have been sent to Hofstra. You can check for this information on the portal at

Other Important Information about Financial Aid for Transfer Students:

  • Transferring to Hofstra allows you to bring with you any Federal Pell Grant or New York State TAP award for which you are eligible. Look for confirmation of this information on your financial aid summary when you log in to the portal at
  • Be sure you've had your official transcripts of your former high school and college sent to Hofstra's Office of Admissions. This will ensure information about your financial aid eligibility is accurate.
  • Re-apply for any loans you may have had at your former institution.
  • Ensure that any loan borrowed through your previous school during the same academic year is canceled.
  • Inform your lender of any change to your expected graduation date.
  • If you are receiving a private scholarship at your current school, contact the school and/or the donor of the scholarship and notify them of the school change.
  • Review the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy to ensure that you will be meeting the standards for future semesters.