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Susan Goetz Zwirn is a Graduate Director and a Professor of Art Education at Hofstra University. The courses Susan teaches at Hofstra are diverse and include the teaching of art and art history, art education curriculum development, arts integration, and current research on the brain and learning. In her role as an academic advisor, Susan believes in working closely with students in order to better serve their needs at the university and help further their career goals. She is not only passionate about her teaching and mentoring but also her work as a painter.

Living her life as an artist-teacher has enabled Susan to explore the mutually beneficial relationship between the two fields. Her belief that the artist-teacher is the ideal model for art education has been further strengthened by her research into the efficacy of artist-teachers for over 15 years (Zwirn, 2002, 2005, 2005, 2006, 2010). Due to this research, all art education students exhibit their art work at Hofstra every semester. More recently, Susan's research focuses on social engagement art education. Susan worked in Kosovo with youngsters in 2017 and is pursuing research in the role of art education and creative expression for young people in areas of global conflict.

As a painter, Susan's art encompasses the realistic and abstract as well as both landscape and figurative designs. Her work reflects a strong sense of place and mood, having been inspired by travel to Italy and India as well as her local surroundings of Long Island, NY. Susan's paintings have been exhibited nationally and received many awards; much of her art can be found in personal and corporate collections in the US and abroad.

Susan has served as a consultant and evaluator for arts integration programs (including the visual arts, dance, music and drama) on both local and national levels. She continues to strengthen her teaching and scholarship by maintaining a research agenda that explores the connections between the brain and creativity, the role of interdisciplinary education, and—of course—the significance of the artist-teacher role.

Alongside the many other dedicated teachers and educators at Hofstra, Susan enjoys working in a collegial environment that supports her own growth and, therefore, the growth of her students. She looks forward to exploring new and current trends in education through her work in the classroom and her research in the field.

She received her undergraduate degree from Clark University and her graduate degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design and Columbia University.

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