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First Gen Committee

A task force was created in the spring of 2015 to investigate how the University might better support its community of first-generation college students. One year later, this group produced an executive report outlining 12 steps the University could take. In the fall of 2016, committees were formed to begin work on these 12 recommendations. Today, there is one First Generation Committee comprised of administrators, faculty, and graduate students that work to provide resources to first-generation Hofstra students, and to develop a community of pride for current and former first-gen students at Hofstra. The Committee plans social and educational programming, facilitates mentorship opportunities, pursues funding and scholarship opportunities, and works to educate the campus community about the talents first-generation college students bring to Hofstra.

In the spring of 2018, the Committee was very pleased to announce that they had worked to receive designation from The Center for First-generation Students at NASPA (the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators), making Hofstra a First-Gen Forward Institution. This designation was given to only 80 colleges and universities in the country leading the way in supporting first-generation college student success. Participation in this cohort further sets Hofstra apart as a leader in first-generation student support.

In May of 2018, the First Generation Committee was recognized by the Division of Student Affairs with the Teamwork Award at their yearly awards celebration.

All individuals on this committee are committed to the support of first-generation students, with many of them having been first-gen themselves. Feel free to reach out to any committee member listed to learn more about the work we do. If you are interested in joining the committee, please email


Russ Smith – Committee Chair
Director of Residential Education
516-463-6931 | Email

Alexandra Attanasio

Alex Attanasio
Resident Director
516-463-6935 | Email

Gabriela Baez

Gabriela Baez
Academic Advisor
516-463-4092 | Email


Jennifer Boscarino-Green
Senior Associate Dean – Center for University Advising
516-463-6770 | Email

Mechelle Grayson

Mechellé Grayson
Assistant Director Equity, Inclusion, and Campus Partnerships – Center for Career Design and Development

Darlene Johnson

Darlene Johnson
Director of External Relations – Center for Career Design and Development
516-463-6060 | Email


Adrienne Kravitz
Associate Director – Campus Recreation
516-463-6926 | Email


Kristopher Lotier
Assistant Professor
Writing Studies & Rhetoric
516-463-6282 | Email


Beth McGuire
Director – Residence Life
516-463-6930 | Email

Angela Monahan

Angela Monahan
Career Advisor – Center for Career Design and Development


Anthony J. Porcelli
Assistant Dean - Communication, Advancement, and Engagement - School of Health Professions
516-463-6770 | Email


David Renz
Student Success Advisor – Center for Academic Excellence
516-463-2000 | Email

Bryan Rothstein

Bryan Rothstein
Senior Associate Dean of Admission
516-463-7465 | Email


Kimberly Sloan-Montalvo
Assistant Dean – Center for University Advising: Communications & HCLAS
516-463-6770 | Email


Sarah Vetri
Resident Director
Residence Life
516-463-7990 | Email

First Generation: Faculty & Staff

The following is a listing of some faculty and staff members at Hofstra who also were first in their family to go to college. Because of this, they are uniquely aware of the skills and assets first-generation students possess, as well as the challenges they face. Consider reaching out to someone on this list for advice or support, knowing they have been in the same place as you. All individuals listed here have volunteered to serve as a support to first-generation students.

If you would are a member of the faculty or staff who was also first in their family to go to college, and would like your name listed, please email


Name Department Email
Pepa Anastasio Romance Languages and Literatures
James Battaglia Occupational Therapy
Vandana Bindra Chemistry
Kevin Bisceglia Chemistry
Joseph Cervia School of Medicine
Royston Coppenger Drama and Dance
Christopher Czerwonka School of Law
Vicki Dearing LLM Health Law and Policy
Andrea Efthymiou Writing Studies & Rhetoric
Paul Fritz Political Science
Esther Fusco Teacher Education Preparation
Marc Herbert Physics and Astronomy
Rodney F. Hill Film
Rina  Hirsch Accounting, Taxation, and Legal Studies in Business
Donna Iucolano Marketing and International Business
Gerda Kamberova Computer Science
Lori Ann Labalsamo Writing Studies & Rhetoric
Kristopher Lotier Writing Studies & Rhetoric
Kelly McMasters English
Paul Meller Psychology
Roseanna  Perotti Political Science
Bradley Phillippi Anthropology
Stanislao Pugliese History
Gail Satler Sociology
Robert Seagull Biology
Victoria Semple Journalism, Media Studies, & Public Relations
Katrina Sims History
Alan Singer Teaching, Learning, & Technology
John Teehan Religion
Mary Anne Trasciatti Rhetoric and Public Advocacy
John C. Vaccaro Mechanical Engineering
Jason Williams Biology
David Woolwine University Library


Name Title Email
Lori Anderson-Turczyn Administrative Assistant - School of Medicine
Gillian Atkinson Director of Intercultural Engagement and Inclusion
Jennifer Boscarino-Green Senior Associate Dean and Director for Strategic Outreach and Retention Iniatives
Christina Cacioppo Bertsch Associate Dean, Center for University Advising
Jenna Campolieta External Relations Coordinator
Stanley Cherian Director of Orientation
Anita Ellis Director, Commuting Student Services
Ashley Gray Pre-Health Advisor, Center for University Advising
Diane Herbert Director of the Center for Academic Excellence
Nikki Hancock-Nicholson Coordinator for Student Success & Student Affairs Operations
Darlene Johnson Director of External Relations, The Career Center
Branka Kristic Director, Parent and Family Programs
Beth McGuire Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life
Sandy Mervius Director of Financial Aid
Ellen Miller Associate Dean for STEM and Pre Health Advising, Center for University Advising
Pat Montagano Senior Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Campus Recreation
Zaibis Muños Isme Associate Vice President
Anthony Porcelli Assistant Dean of Communication, Advancement, and Engagement, School of Health Professions
Novia Ramsay Director of Residential Operations
Bryan Rothstein Senior Associate Dean of Admission
Gina Sandoval Assistant Dean, Center for University Advising
Kimberly Sloan-Montalvo Assistant Dean, Center for University Advising
Russ Smith Director of Residential Education & Director of First-Generation Success Initiatives
Jackson Snellings Dir. Information Technology Services for Hofstra Law
Sarah Vetri Resident Director, Residence Life
Louise M. Waters Staff Psychologist

First Generation Alumni

We would love to connect with our Hofstra Alumni who are First-Gen grads! We would love to hear from you and there is plenty of opportunity to participate with current Hofstra First-Gen students in the form of program involvement or mentorship. Email us at, and please also consider following us on our social media below: