Faculty Policy Series #1

Full-time Faculty Appointment Procedure

All full-time faculty appointments at Hofstra University shall be made in accordance with the following procedures:

I.  Budget Authorization for New Positions
New positions shall be given budgetary allocations by rank and base salary upon recommendation of the department chairs, endorsement by the academic dean, Provost, and approval by the President and Board of Trustees.
No new appointments shall be made until this step is completed and departmental chairs are notified. NOTE: If the appointment is a replacement at a rank and salary equal to or less than that in the existing budget, this step may be omitted.

II. Recruitment
Departmental recruitment policy will be established jointly by the Chair and the DPC. The Departmental Chair, in cooperation with the Department Personnel Committee, shall recruit candidates for positions at Hofstra University. Normally, candidates will be recruited by soliciting nominations from scholars in the field and by advertisements in the mass media and professional journals. Special attention shall be devoted to an individual's possession of the doctorate or its equivalent. An effort shall be made to recruit individuals from widely diversified colleges and universities. Departments will actively recruit to ensure a faculty diversified in terms of gender and ethnic group.

III. The Responsibilities of the Departmental Chair and DPC
The Department Chair and DPC each will examine the qualifications of candidates for initial full-time faculty appointment. After consultation between the DPC and Department Chair, they shall exchange written recommendations. The DPC shall then forward its recommendation to the Dean. The Department Chair shall then forward his/her recommendation along with the docket(s) to the Dean. The Department Chair and DPC's recommendations shall include recommendation for initial rank. The docket of the top candidate(s) shall include:
  1. a résumé and personal data sheet;
  2. a transcript showing last degree;
  3. three letters of recommendation (outside);
  4. an evaluation by the candidate's current or last employer where practical;
  5. the Chair's recommendation and;
  6. the DPC's recommendation.

IV. The Responsibility of the Dean
The Dean shall make a recommendation to the Provost from the list of candidates which has been forwarded by the Chair and DPC. The recommendation should be based on the Dean's own assessment of the candidate(s); on the Chair and DPC recommendations; and on the personnel docket. With the advice from the Chair, and after consultation with the Provost, the Dean will also recommend a salary level. When candidate(s) are invited to the campus for an interview and a cost to the University is involved, the academic Dean shall first secure budgetary authorization from the Provost authorizing the payment for the candidate's travel expenses.

V. The Responsibility of the Provost
The Provost shall recommend to the President the appointment rank and salary level of the candidate, and will note any special provisions or conditions of the proposed appointment. For those candidates hired, the Provost will send a letter outlining the new faculty member's rights and responsibilities concerning the establishment of a tenure probationary period.

VI. The Responsibilities of the President
All appointments to the faculty shall be made by the President based upon the recommendation of the Provost, Academic Dean, Chairperson and DPC.

VII. The Responsibility of New Faculty Members
As part of the appointment process, new faculty members are required to establish a tenure probationary period within the first semester of their initial appointment.


FPS #1
(rev. l987)