Faculty Policy Series #2

Selection and Advancement of Adjunct (Part-Time) Faculty

Adjunct faculty members are appointed to an approved adjunct pool and employed by the University on a semester by semester basis from this pool.


    1. The Department Chair and DPC each will examine the qualifications of candidates for initial adjunct faculty appointment to the University's approved adjunct pool. After consultation between the DPC and Department Chair, they will exchange written recommendations. The DPC shall then forward its recommendation to the Dean. The Department Chair shall then forward his/her recommendation along with the candidate's docket to the Dean. The Dean's recommendation shall be forwarded with the candidate's docket to the Provost who shall decide on the recommendation. All decisions and recommendations are to include rank and teaching areas. The recommendation docket shall include:

      1. the assessment and recommendations of all previous reviewing bodies;

      2. the candidate's résumé and personal data sheet;

      3. a transcript and/or proof of highest degree;

      4. three letters of recommendation (outside).

    2. A recommendation on initial salary is provided by the Department Chair and the Dean to the Provost. Appointment and assignment of adjuncts from the approved adjunct pool will be made on a semester by semester basis by the Department Chair in consultation with the DPC.

    3. Adjunct personnel files and records will be maintained by the Colleges and by the Provost's Office.

    4. Teaching assignments for adjuncts will normally be limited to two courses of not more than eight semester hours per semester. The appropriate Dean must approve all exceptions to this rule. It is the responsibility of the adjunct to inform a Department Chair of any other assignments at Hofstra, which the adjunct currently has or for which he/she is being considered. It is the responsibility of the Chair to ascertain the status of these assignments from the relevant departments, and not to proceed with the employment/assignment process until required approval is obtained.

    5. No adjunct should normally be assigned more than one new preparation in any semester except in the case of the original appointment.

  2. Qualifications for Adjunct Faculty Promotions
    (taken from Faculty Statutes p. V-2)

    1. As a general qualification for promotion, an adjunct faculty member will normally be expected to serve a minimum number of semesters in each rank. Length of service will not, however, be considered an automatic reason for promotion:

      1. six to fourteen semesters (depending upon prior experience) in the rank of Adjunct Instructor before promotion to the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor,

      2. twelve semesters in the rank of Adjunct Assistant Professor before promotion to the rank of Adjunct Associate Professor,

      3. twelve semesters in the rank of Adjunct Associate Professor before promotion to the rank of Adjunct Professor,

      4. in all of the above, semesters of service will normally exclude Summer and January Sessions.

    2. Recommendations for promotion must be based upon the above general qualifications, and upon the following personal qualifications:

      1. for normal promotion:

        1. continued excellence in teaching and related work with students;

        2. productive activity in a combination of the following areas: publication of original materials; scholarly contributions to one's professional field; off-campus performance in special fields; University administration and committee work; contributions to community relations; enrichment of campus life. It is recognized that some adjuncts will have made significant outside professional contributions that can enhance their qualifications for promotion;

        3. in addition to the above for promotion to the ranks of Adjunct Assistant or Adjunct Associate Professor possession of at least the Master's Degree or, in appropriate exceptional circumstances, equivalent professional achievements;

        4. in addition to the above for promotion to the rank of Adjunct Professor possession of the terminal degree in one's field or outstanding professional achievements.

      2. for accelerated promotion:

        1. outstanding achievements of the kinds listed above.


FPS #2
(rev. l987)