Faculty Policy Series #27

Admission of Hofstra Personnel to Its Doctoral Programs

While Hofstra University prefers that its faculty and staff pursue their doctoral studies in other institutions of higher education, its faculty, administrators and staff are eligible to apply for matriculation in doctoral programs offered at this University provided that it can clearly be demonstrated that there will be no conflict of interest in such an individual's pursuit of the degree, and subject to the following provisions:

  1. Matriculation of full-time faculty members will be limited to those members below the rank of assistant professor.

  2. No Hofstra employee -- faculty member, staff member or administrator -- will be permitted to pursue a doctorate in a department in which he/she is employed or over which he/she exercises staff or line responsibilities.

  3. In addition to normal departmental screening procedures, which will apply in all cases, each application will be submitted to a council of the academic deans for review and approval. This approval is required of each application before the individual will be permitted to matriculate for a doctoral program at Hofstra University.

  4. Part-time members of the faculty, staff or administration are subject to these regulations.

  5. Graduate teaching assistants and fellows are not subject to these regulations.

  6. Eligibility of spouses and children of faculty and staff for tuition remission as it exists does not extend to doctoral level courses or programs.


FPS #27
(rev. 1971)