Faculty Policy Series #29

Emeritus Rights

  1. The Concept of Emeritus Rights

    In conferring emeritus status, Hofstra University extends special recognition to those retiring members of its faculty who have made outstanding contributions to the University.

  2. Criteria for Conferring Emeritus Status

    Emeritus status shall be conferred for meritorious achievement in several of the following:

    1. Teaching and related work with students

    2. Meeting academic responsibilities

    3. Publication of original materials

    4. Off‑campus performance in special fields

    5. University administration and committee work

    6. Contributions to community relations

    7. Enrichment of campus life

  3. Procedures for Conferring Emeritus Status

    Any retiring or retired faculty member may be nominated for emeritus status. Nominations and supporting materials including a curriculum vitae, shall be forwarded to the departmental DPC (or the equivalent committee) and to the department Chair (if applicable). The DPC's and the Chair's recommendations shall be forwarded together with all the materials to the Dean, who in turn shall make a recommendation to the Provost. The Provost shall then forward all of these materials to the Faculty Affairs Committee of the Senate and request its recommendation. The Provost shall then make a recommendation to the President.

  4. Rights and Privileges of Emeritus Status

    Emeritus faculty shall have the following rights and privileges:

    1. All courtesy privileges of retired faculty

    2. Recognition at the University Honors Convocation

    3. Listing in current University Bulletins


FPS #29
(rev. 1997)