Faculty Policy Series #31


Faculty members are encouraged to engage in research and to contribute to scholarly journals. A continuing fund has been established to help faculty members to meet expenses incidental to their research projects.

  1. Applications for research grants, (excluding Faculty Development Grants and the Center for Scholarly Research and Academic Excellence) for purchase of research equipment (which shall remain the property of the University), and for no-interest loans shall be submitted to the academic dean with the endorsement of the department chairperson. If acceptable, they will be transmitted to the Provost for submission to the President and the Board of Trustees.

  2. Research grants may be made in reasonable amounts (within the total sum budgeted in any fiscal year) for the production of such manuscripts. In addition to, or independent of research grants, no-interest loans are available for expenses incurred in worthwhile research and scholarly publications. Ordinarily, research funds will not be granted for travel expenses. If profit results from any of the above activities, the faculty member is required to refund to the University the smaller of the grant amount or profits.

  3. No-interest loans may be made under the following conditions:

    1. A loan to a non-tenured person is payable upon the termination of his/her current contract.

    2. A loan to a tenured person is normally payable in two years. Special circumstances might warrant an extension to a longer period for tenured persons.

    3. Individual loans will be limited to $500.00.


FPS #31
(rev. 1986)