Faculty Policy Series #35

Submission of Grant Proposals to Government Agencies, Private Foundations, Corporations, and Individuals

  1. Any member of the faculty wishing to initiate a proposal for University submission to a government agency, private foundation, corporation or individual will discuss his/her intention with his/her department chair and/or dean and the Associate Provost for Grants and Research. No grant proposal will be forwarded by the University until the appropriate chair and dean have recorded their knowledge and approval of it. Once it has been approved the initiator may proceed with the formal proposal. Any faculty member wishing to submit a fellowship application should notify his/her academic department as soon as funding becomes probable.

  2. The Associate Provost for Grants and Research will provide information on governmental and other grants programs as well as on the facilities and resources of the University available to accomplish the purpose of the proposal. The Associate Provost for Grants and Research will aid in the presentation of proposals and obtain from the Comptroller the appropriate cost factors for the development of the budget.

  3. Accompanying the first copy of each proposal should be a Grant Proposal Review Form with all appropriate information recorded on it. All cost sharing provisions require the explicit approval of the Provost. The Provost must be consulted at the initiation of proposal development regarding the commitment of University funds, including the voluntary reduction of indirect charges as cost sharing. Completed proposals to government agencies, foundations and corporations will be submitted to the Grants Office, reviewed by the Vice President for Business (or his/her designate), and signed by the President (or his/her designate). Proposals should be submitted for signature at least two weeks before deadline submission dates.

  4. The Associate Provost for Grants and Research will record the submission date on the Grant Proposal Review Form and send copies to those who wish or need them. Further, he/she will give later notice of grant approval, rejection, or negotiation.

  5. The Comptroller's Office will establish a budget account and supply the grant recipient with monthly budget statements. The Budget Director has responsibility for budget control and submission of financial reports to the sponsoring agency.

  6. All full-time employees working on grant or contract research should receive all fringe benefits given to other full-time staff.

  7. Funds received from NSF institutional and similar grants should be dispersed through the Provost's Office.

Note: Grant Proposal Review Forms are available in the Grants Office.


FPS #35
(rev. 1991)