Faculty Policy Series #4

Base Load Schedules & Overload

I. Principles Governing the Establishment of Base Load Schedules for Faculty, Excluding the Law School and Medical School

All regular full-time faculty excluding the Law School and Medical School have an 18 hour annual base load. The normal load for each fall or spring semester is nine (9) hours; however, modifications may occur as stipulated in the CBA. Faculty not assigned sufficient base load may owe up to three semester hours per semester for a period of one year.

In no instance shall the total work schedule of a faculty member exceed l6 semester hours per semester or their equivalencies.

II. Overload

Overload is offered to faculty by Department Chairs on a contingency basis. Overload will not be paid to faculty who owe the University credits from previous semesters.

No new faculty member should be employed with an understanding that he/she will teach overload as a part of his/her base teaching program.


FPS #4
(rev. 2016)