Faculty Policy Series #5

Work Above Base Load

I. It shall be the policy of Hofstra University to encourage University-sponsored research and special educational services which contribute to the skills of its staff and the welfare of the community.

II. The University should endeavor to develop the research talents of its staff by involving a larger number of faculty in University-sponsored projects and services, commensurate with the desires of individual faculty members and the best interests of the University.

III. It is accepted that the basic instructional program of nine (9) hours per semester of teaching for faculty has priority over other faculty interests within or outside the University.

IV. In order to maintain the quality of university instruction, it will be the responsibility of the department chairs and academic deans to see to it, in the case of staff members under their jurisdiction, that extra teaching and research under university auspices, or outside activities, whether commercial or non-commercial, do not interfere with performance within the base load.


FPS #5
(rev. 2016)