Faculty Policy Series #7

Summer Employment of Full-Time Faculty for Non-Instructional Duties

The summer employment of full-time faculty for non-instructional duties at the University shall be regulated by the following policy statements.

I. Full-time faculty may be employed for advisement and other non-instructional duties. Requests for these services shall be made by the appropriate dean to the Provost.

II. All such employment shall be regarded as part of the summer teaching load; faculty members performing non-instructional service may carry a total of seven semester hours in one summer session only.

III. Two hours of non-instructional service shall be considered the equivalent of one class contact hour; 15 class contact hours constitute one semester hour.

IV. The dean requesting the services of a full-time faculty member shall make arrangements with the appropriate departmental chair(s) before submitting a   recommendation to the Provost.


FPS #7
(rev. l967