Faculty Policy Series #9

Classes, Faculty Absences, Lateness, Office Hours, Syllabi, Course, and Teacher Evaluations

I. Instruction shall begin with the first meeting of the class. Day and evening class periods are to begin and end at scheduled times. Any change of classroom or hour must be approved by the Office of Financial and Academic Records.

II. There shall be no University-wide dismissal of classes except for days of national mourning or dangerous weather. Faculty may, with the permission of deans and department chairs, take classes to special events that seem appropriate.

III. A faculty member who must be absent because of illness or emergency shall notify his/her department chair, so that classes can be covered. A faculty member who needs to be absent from a class for other reasons must obtain permission from the department chair.

IV. Hofstra students are instructed to wait for their instructor ten minutes after class starting time.

V. Faculty shall schedule regular times for conferences with students at least one hour each week for each three hours taught. These scheduled hours shall be kept for this purpose. Adjunct faculty shall be available to students before or after their teaching periods.

VI. Each faculty member shall file with the department chair a syllabus for each course offered during the semester.

VII. Course and Teacher Evaluations (CTEs) shall be administered through the most recently approved questionnaire in all classes every fall and spring semester. Quantitative data shall be made available to the Hofstra community, but qualitative student comments shall be made available only to the faculty member. Guidelines approved by the faculty for the use of CTEs shall be regularly distributed to faculty and relevant administrators.


FPS #9
(rev. 1995)