Fraternity & Sorority Life

Councils & Chapters

Coed Organizations

Name of Chapter Greek Letters Council Professional Focus
Alpha Kappa Psi AKΨ PFC Business
Alpha Phi Omega AΦΩ PFC Service
Phi Alpha Delta ΦAΔ PFC Pre-Law
Phi Delta Epsilon ΦΔE PFC Pre-Med
Theta Tau ΘT PFC Engineering
Zeta Phi Eta ZΦH PFC Communication


Name of Chapter Greek Letters Council
Alpha Epsilon Pi AEP IFC
Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ IFC
Phi Kappa Theta ΦKΘ IFC
Pi Kappa Alpha ΠKA IFC
Pi Lambda Phi ΠΛΦ IFC
Sigma Alpha Epsilon ΣAE IFC
Tau Epsilon Phi TEΦ IFC


Name of Chapter Greek Letters Council
Alpha Epsilon Phi AEΦ CPH
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. AKA MFSC
Alpha Phi CPH
Alpha Theta Beta AΘB CPH
Delta Gamma ΔΓ CPH
Delta Phi Epsilon ΔΦE CPH
Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. ΔΦΩ MFSC
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. ΔΣΘ MFSC
Lambda Theta Alpha Sorority, Inc. ΛΘΑ MFSC
Phi Sigma Sigma ΦΣΣ CPH

Governing Councils

Each organization is governed by a council. These councils are the coordinating and governing body for their affiliated organizations. There are four councils advised by fraternity and sorority life staff.

College Panhellenic Council (CPH)

The Panhellenic Council (CPH) serves as a governing body for sororities at Hofstra University. CPH's purpose is to foster the spirit of friendliness, cooperation, and goodwill and promote scholarship among the member organizations. Contact CPH at

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) serves as a governing body for fraternities at Hofstra University. IFC's purpose is to foster cooperation between the member organizations and Hofstra University as well as to promote the interests of its member organizations. Contact IFC at

Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Council (MFSC)

The Multicultural Fraternity and Sorority Council (MFSC) serves as a governing body for culturally based fraternities and sororities at Hofstra University. MFSC's purpose is to maintain unity among member organizations and promote excellence in academics, career, and personal growth. Contact MFSC at

Professional Fraternity Council

The Professional Fraternity Council (PFC) serves as a convening body for the professional/coed/special interest fraternities and sororities at Hofstra University. PFC is responsible for promoting and enhancing the professional interests of its member chapters, coordinating council-wide programs, and serving as a forum for sharing ideas and information. Contact PFC at

Unrecognized Organizations

Greek life at Hofstra is a vital part of our community with a long history of fostering fellowship, leadership development, and community service. Hofstra actively supports recognized Greek organizations in their efforts to the community on and off campus.

We would like to advise all students, parents, and guardians that there are groups that are not recognized by the University. For your own well-being, you should not affiliate with any unrecognized Greek or other student organizations. Hofstra University does not advise or control the actions of any unrecognized groups. Inactive and unrecognized Greek chapters are not permitted to recruit, hold events, or induct new members. If you have any questions about whether a group is recognized or authorized to operate at the University, please contact the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement at or by phone at 516-463-6914.

Chapter Nicknames Semester Removed Reason For Removal
Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. Spring 2023 Inactive
Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. Spring 2023 Inactive
Delta Chi Summer 2022 Disciplinary
Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Phi Iota, Phiota Fall 2020 Inactive
Sigma Alpha Mu SAM, Sammy Fall 2019 Disciplinary
Delta Sigma Phi DSP Fall 2008 Disciplinary
Kappa Alpha Psi Kappas Spring 2007 Disciplinary
Omega Phi Chi OPC Fall 2017 Inactive
Phi Epsilon Phi Ep Spring 2013 Disciplinary
Sigma Delta Tau SDT, Stress Management Club Spring 2019 Disciplinary
Sigma Pi Sigma Pi Spring 2016 Disciplinary
Sigma Sigma Sigma Tri Sig, Beta Sigma Phi Fall 2008 Disciplinary
Tau Kappa Epsilon Teke, TKE, Thuggish Kangaroos Everywhere Spring 2017 Disciplinary
Zeta Beta Tau ZBT Fall 2008 Disciplinary

Reasons for Removal

Disciplinary - These chapters were removed for various reasons by the institution and/or nationals. Reasons include but are not limited to hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, risk management violations, and failure to comply with University policies and expectations.

Inactive - These chapters were removed from campus for nondisciplinary reasons such as declining membership or by the choice of the undergraduate members.