Geology, Environment, and Sustainability

About Us

Department Overview

Students in Hofstra University's Department of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability study the materials, processes, and history of our planet, including the human impact on Earth systems and how to best manage natural resources and systems for the future. Sustainability Studies focuses on areas of renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, waste management, and urban planning in the context of economic and social equity, sustainable development, and environmental stewardship.

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Mission Statement

The Department of Geology, Environment, and Sustainability at Hofstra University is proud of more than a half century of dedication to educating and inspiring our geology students. 

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Learning Goals and Objectives

Read about the department's goals and objectives for students.

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History of the Department

We hope that all Hofstra alumni, students, and faculty will enjoy seeing the rich history of the Geology Department. This compilation is the result of lots of hard work by Dr. Fred Wolff, who was motivated to create a record of the people who preceded him and with whom he has worked during his long career at Hofstra. Dr. Merguerian took over the task of digitally formatting the document and will continue to edit and update the history annually.

To former members of the Geology Department and geology alumni: Please keep in touch with us by email or conventional mail. Let us know what you are doing these days. We want to create an alumni book and need pictures, stories, and any other information you can contribute. Also, please notify us if you find errors in the spelling or dates in these documents so that we can correct them.