Global Studies and Geography

Student Organization

Get Global

Get Global is a student club with the focus of guiding and educating Hofstra Global Studies Majors or Minors as to global issues and how to market their degrees for future careers. The Club is open to all students at Hofstra irrespective of your major and we hold social and academic events throughout the year. We also hold fundraisers to benefit various global charities.

We welcome your participation and advertise all events on the Department Facebook page and also on our own Club page. If you want more information about the Club or want to get involved or have suggestions for future events, please email us at the address below.

Get involved, Get Global.


2020-2021 Office Holders:
President: Sahar Caravan Email
Vice President: Rida Riza Email
Treasurer: Jenna Reda Email 
Faculty Advisor: Nisha Korattyswaroopam Email

Meetings are held every Monday at 6:00 pm in Roosevelt Hall, Room 209

Club Email

2019 Office Holders:
President: Michael Allen Email
Vice President: Nicholas Tabarus Email
Treasurer: Jessica Doucette Email 
Faculty Advisor: Kari B. Jensen Email

Fall 2018
Tyler Stock, President
Olukemi "Kemi" Anazodo, Vice President
Thomas Nielsen, Treasurer
Paula Chirinos, Secretary
Adanya Hicks, PR Manager

Spring 2018
Emma Rossetti, President
Olukemi "Kemi" Anazodo, Vice President
Natalia Day, Treasurer
Paula Chirinos, Secretary

Fall 2017
Lois Paquette, President
Rachel Billard, Vice President
Natalia Day, Treasurer
Olukemi "Kemi" Anazodo, Secretary

CJ Burka, President
Lois Paquette, Vice President
Sarah Gerwens, Treasurer
Tempe Staples, Secretary
Jasmina Dzurlic, PR and Events Manager

Spring 2016
CJ Burka, President
Tempe Staples, Vice President
Julia McGuire, Vice President
Vinesh Raghoo, Treasurer

Fall 2015
Cory McBryan, President
CJ Burka, Vice President
Julia McGuire, Secretary
Vinesh Raghoo, Treasurer
Tempe Staples, PR Manager

Cory McBryan, President
Julia McGuire, Vice President
Tempe Staples, Secretary
Vinesh Raghoo, Treasurer
Mishaina Joseph, PR Manager

Kendra Sciortino, President
Maya Cantrell, Vice President
Kyle Miller, Secretary
Ethan Magee, Treasurer
Cory McBryan, PR/Publicity
Julia McGuire, Events Manager

Kendra Sciortino, President
Jennifer Perniciaro, Vice President
Melanie Martha, Secretary
Clara Schopf, Treasurer
Alecia Detka, PR/Marketing
Julia McGuire, Events Manager

James Yantis, President
Anna Okoniewski, Vice President
Amanda Martin, Secretary
Shea Molloy, PR/Marketing

Alyssa Coco, President
James Yantis, Vice President 
Amanda Martin, Secretary

Allison Redman, President
Umila Singh, Secretary

Adrienne Gillespie, President
Allison Redman, Vice President