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Tuition Benefits

The Tuition Remission program provides financial assistance to Hofstra University employees, their spouses, and their IRS dependent children.  For more information, review the Tuition Remission Policy or contact the Office of Human Resources at  

Due Dates for Tuition Remission Applications

Winter and Spring – January 1
Summer I, II, III and Fall – April 1

Tuition Remission Application

Graduate Tuition Remission Application

Hofstra University participates in the Tuition Exchange Program. A limited number of Tuition Exchange Scholarships will be awarded (in accordance with respective collective bargaining agreements, if applicable) to IRS-defined dependents of full-time faculty, administrative, staff, public safety, and trade employees.

The scholarship can be used at any of over 600 participating Tuition Exchange Program colleges and universities nationwide. A list of participating schools can be found at The award of tuition scholarship is subject to annual renewal. If your child will begin, or is already in the process of earning a bachelor’s degree at a participating Tuition Exchange Program institution, please submit the Request for Participation in the Tuition Exchange Program no later than February 28 to the Office of Human Resources.

Please plan ahead. You may first apply in your child’s junior year of high school prior to the February deadline.

For more information, review the Tuition Exchange Policy, or contact the Office of Human Resources at

Hofstra University offers a scholarship to all full-time faculty, administrators, and staff employees, who have a full-time undergraduate dependent child attending a four-year institution pursuing a bachelor's degree. This scholarship is subject to limitations set forth by the University or the collective bargaining agreements. Employees must submit the following documentation to the Office of Human Resources at before the beginning of each semester:

 - Grades of the qualified dependent from prior semester, or
 - A letter from the participating institution stating that the student is currently in good standing, and
 - A copy of the upcoming semester's tuition bill.