Presidential Inauguration

A Look Back

Celebrating the Inauguration of Susan Poser

Hofstra University hosted a week of events to celebrate the inauguration of Dr. Susan Poser as its ninth president, including symposia, service projects, a prom, a barbecue featuring restaurants from the local community, the annual Alumni Awards dinner and the Fall Fest outdoor music festival and carnival.

Hofstra University and Our Communities

Building and Bridging Our Future Together

Over three days during inauguration week, Hofstra University convened symposia organized by the academic community that highlighted the breadth and depth of Hofstra faculty, staff, students, and alumni across its schools.

Inauguration Events

Community Service

Civic involvement and service are integral to a Hofstra education.

Pride Prom

More than 700 students glammed up and danced the night away.

Inauguration BBQ

One of the best ways to get to know your neighbors is over a good meal..

Roar Rally

Students celebrated unity, identity, and talent by showcasing the creativity and variety of perspectives on our campus.

Alumni Awards

Hofstra celebrated  distinguished alumni who have contributed to the university and their communities.

Fall Festival

Our annual Fall Festival returned, capping off the inauguration week.

Inauguration Day



Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine

Daniel E. Dawes, JD

"Susan Poser knows more than most, cares more than many, has the courage to meet the moment and will persevere until the moment has passed. The pride of Nebraska Law and the University of Illinois Chicago is now the pride of Hofstra University and I for one am, frankly, jealous of you all – because you now get to bask in the warm glow of her light. I’m also immensely excited to see Hofstra shine brighter than ever before."

President of the University of Iowa

Barbara J Wilson, PhD

"I can say without hesitation you have landed a great one. Everyone that worked with Susan could see she was destined to be a president…Hofstra, you have found a president that will help you attract and build talent who will help you nurture ideas into action and will be a tireless advocate for your institution"

Former chancellor of the University of Nebraska and former dean of the University of Nebraska College of Law

Harvey Perlman, JD

"You have chosen wisely. You have a new president who wants to ‘do’ president not just be one. She will be aggressive in pursuing your collective ambitions, she will seize on opportunities that present themselves, she will advocate on your behalf and she will also push each of you to contribute your best to this enterprise."

Hello Hofstra!

We are embarking upon an initiative at Hofstra that will serve as the foundation for the next decade, and will help us to identify the priorities to which we will direct our energy and our resources. We will start with the questions: How do we define ourselves as a university now, and what are our ambitions for the future? … We must decide together what post-pandemic world we want to imagine. What do our students need to learn, and how should they learn it?“

Read the President's Inauguration speech.

Inauguration Speech

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