International Student Affairs

Events & Workshops

International Student Affairs is excited to sponsor a full calendar of events for our international students. They are a good opportunity to meet other students, get involved in Hofstra’s campus life, and connect with the local community. Check the feed on the right to see what we have planned!

Conversation Cafe: This group serves as an informal, safe space for international and domestic students to chat and ask questions about culture, get advice on how to integrate into university life, and share their everyday challenges and concerns. It aims to foster valuable skills that will help students succeed and feel like Hofstra is their "home away from home”. 

Employment Workshops: Employment is always a popular topic for international students – from working on campus to looking for off-campus internships, or even exploring ways to gain experience after graduation. International Student Affairs provides workshops every semester to answer your questions and help you find opportunities to enhance your resume while maintaining your lawful presence as an international student.

International Education Week: During International Education Week, ISA organizes fun events to celebrate the benefits of international education and worldwide exchange through the sharing of culture, cuisine, and language.

Thanksgiving Homestay Program: Every year ISA partners with the Office of Parent and Family Programs to organize homestays for international students who wish to spend Thanksgiving with a local American family. This provides students the opportunity to experience a traditional holiday dinner and connect with the local community.

UNITY: Unity is an interactive community art project that celebrates and promotes the human connection at Hofstra University. The project consists of 32 posts marked with identifiers such as, “I am multilingual, I identify as LGBTQ+, I live with a disability,” etc. Community members tie colorful yarn around the posts to create an interconnected web that reflects our diverse and vibrant community. 


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