International Student Affairs

Events & Workshops

International Student Affairs is excited to sponsor a variety of immigration and cultural adjustment events for our international students. The events are a good opportunity to meet other students, get involved in Hofstra’s campus life, and connect with the local community. Check the feed on the right to see what we have planned!

Life in the U.S.: Each year International Student Affairs offers a series of workshops to share advice on how to integrate into university life and adjust to living in the U.S. Topics including driving in New York, U.S. taxes, health insurance and medical care, local laws, Hofstra policies, and more! These events aim to share valuable knowledge that will help students succeed and feel like Hofstra is their "home away from home.”

Employment Workshops: Employment is always a popular topic for international students – from working on campus to looking for off-campus internships, or even exploring ways to gain experience after graduation. International Student Affairs provides workshops every semester to answer your questions and help you find opportunities to enhance your resume while maintaining your lawful presence as an international student.

Thanksgiving Homestay Program: Every year, International Student Affairs partners with the Office of Parent and Family Programs to organize homestays for international students who wish to spend Thanksgiving with a local American family. This provides international students with the opportunity to experience a traditional holiday dinner and connect with the local community.