Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) is an interdisciplinary program that offers a wide array of courses on Latin America, the Caribbean, and related diasporas in the United States. The program coordinates courses from departments throughout the University; it also offers senior seminars and opportunities for independent coursework.

By studying the geography, politics, economies, histories, cultures, and literatures of Latin American and Caribbean countries, LACS majors develop a solid knowledge of the region and its relations with both the United States and Europe. This knowledge is indispensable in the modern era of integrated economies and societies, increasingly shaped by immigration and the coexistence of diverse cultures. Majoring in Latin American and Caribbean Studies prepares students to be more informed and effective citizens. It also prepares them for careers in translation, international business, law, and government, as well as for advanced study in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and in the subfields that feed into it, such as geography, history, political science, literature and culture, or communication.


The LACS faculty share great interest and enthusiasm in the regions covered by the program. Most have lived, studied, or conducted research in Latin America and/or the Caribbean and bring those experiences directly into the classroom. The program's faculty presently includes the following individuals.

María José Anastasio, Spanish
Anne Buddenhagen, Anthropology
Margaret G. Burke, Library Services
Antonio Cao* In Memoriam
Ivan Cardona, Journalism, Media Studies, and Public Relations
Gregory DeFreitas, Economics
Eduardo Duarte, Teaching, Literacy, and Leadership
Carolyn M. Dudek, Political Science
Brenda Elsey, History
Conrad Herold, Economics
Zilkia Janer, Global Studies and Geography
Roberto Joseph, Teaching, Literacy, and Leadership
Takashi Kanatsu, Political Science
Sharryn M. Kasmir, Anthropology
Vicente Lledó-Guillem, Spanish

Linda Longmire, Global Studies and Geography
Sabine Loucif, French
Mario Murillo, Radio, Television, Film
Gabriel Pastrana, Spanish
Benita Sampedro Vizcaya, Spanish
Alan Singer, Teaching, Learning, and Technology
Santiago Slabodsky, Religion
James Wiley, Global Studies and Geography, Emeritus
Susan Yohn, History, Emeritus
Miguel Angel Zapata, Spanish