LGBTQ+ Life at Hofstra

Student Counseling Services

Hofstra University Student Counseling Services is a great resource to all students including the LGBTQ Student community. Student Counseling Services can assist with the issues and complexities relating to the process of coming out, provide support as you explore your identity, and help support students dealing with relationship issues. Coming out can be a life-long and sometimes stressful process. It can often be helpful to have someone to turn to during these times of stress. In addition, a number of college students begin exploring their identity on a deeper level once they arrive at college, and counselors are well equipped to support students through these important milestones in their identity development and growth process.

Relationships, whether they be with friends or significant others can sometimes cause stress in the lives of college students, whether or not you identify under the LGBTQ umbrella. Student Counseling Services is there to provide support to students dealing with challenges in relationships. They also provide psychological, vocational and educational counseling in effort to facilitate meaningful personal growth and fullest educational development of each individual student. Individual and group counseling is available to students who are having difficulty with emotions, behavior, academic, career or adjustment goals. Student Counseling Services also has a LGBTQ group that meets regularly and serves as yet another layer of support for the LGBTQ community.

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