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Hofstra University Library Special Collections

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Nassau County Chapter

The Nassau County Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR-NC) was an organization which protested nuclear war in the 1980s and '90s. The group gave lectures, held fundraisers, led protests, as well as other events, in order to educate the general population on the topic of nuclear war and to promote world peace. Physicians for Social Responsibility is affiliated with the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW), which earned the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985.

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The Nassau County Chapter was founded in 1982 and remained active until 1997. The founding members held meetings in the various homes of chapter associates and proceeded to hold meetings in various places including Hofstra University. Dr. Herbert Perr donated the collection of materials relating to the Nassau County Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility and was the organization's first vice-president. He also went on to become its president.

The collection contains organizational records such as bylaws, meeting minutes, outreach information, news releases, advertisement information, and membership information. Another part of the collection contains a large quantity of correspondence written to and from the presidents of PSR-NC. There is also a considerable amount of printed material on various topics in regard to nuclear war.

The Physicians for Social Responsibility collection is organized in nine series:

  1. Founding Records – arranged in 10 subseries
  2. Membership – arranged chronologically
  3. Outreach – arranged in 14 subseries
  4. Nuclear War Information – arranged in 14 subseries
  5. Consequences of Nuclear War – arranged in three subseries
  6. Media – arranged in four subseries
  7. Printed Materials – arranged in two subseries
  8. Audio-Visual Materials – arranged alphabetically by title and by format
  9. Oversized Memorabilia

Nassau County Chapter

  • An armband used in one of the PSR protests
  • Michael D'innocenzo, Hofstra University History Professor, at a PSR protest
  • Minutes from an early PSR meeting
  • One of the PSR Newsletters dated Spring 1989
  • Herbert Perr protesting with a large prescription
  • Hiroshima Day 1989

PSR Protest in Washington, D.C. 1986

  • PSR Protest in Washington, D.C. 1986
  • PSR Protest in Washington, D.C. 1986
  • PSR Protest in Washington, D.C. 1986
  • PSR Protest in Washington, D.C. 1986