Go Pride! Thank you for your interest in producing officially licensed Hofstra University merchandise. Hofstra University is proud to partner with the CLC for the management of its licensing program. LLP is a strong and growing company that represents some of the top colleges and universities in the nation. It has a solid track record of customer service and helping its clients build their brands. Services that LLP will provide on behalf of Hofstra University include:

  • Management of all license applications
  • Providing access to official logo artwork
  • Processing artwork approvals for non-restricted licensees
  • Protecting the university by ensuring that all licensees are insured
  • Collection and distribution of royalty payments
  • Auditing licensees to ensure compliance
  • Policing and enforcement of licensing violations

Types of License Agreements

Standard Licensees
Standard Licensees can produce product with Hofstra University trademarks for external constituents. The products they produce are used for resale.

Internal Usage (or Restricted) Licensees
Internal Usage Licensees are able to produce product with Hofstra University trademarks for internal Hofstra use only. Products produced by these companies cannot be resold. If you are not an internal Hofstra University department or officially recognized Student Group, please see the Local or Standard Licensee list.

Usage Agreements
From time to time and only in very special situations, Hofstra University may grant 1-time usage rights to a vendor.

Becoming a Licensee

Becoming a licensed vendor is easy -- download the application at the LLP web site to start the application process. Vendors with questions about licensing may be referred to Morgan Rogers at (609) 947-5240, or via email at

Questions about the Hofstra University licensing program should be directed to Jessica Ramos, Business Manager for Marketing and Communications via e-mail at