Master of Arts in Journalism

Hofstra MA Journalism Capstone Projects

Store front

Brooklyn's 'Little Palestine' in a Time of War

Image of a concert

Jasmine Thelemaque '23

Rising Ticket Costs: The impact of Pandemic and Inflation on Concerts


Cody Hmelar, '24

How Generations of San Franciscans are Fighting to Save Cantonese


Charles Shaw, '23

Countering Scientific Misinformation


Megan Naftali, '23

In Sheer Magazine

Baseball in front of computer keyboard

Alex Wilenski '23

Future of Sports Media


Eric Munson '23

Breaking Habits to Live More Sustainably

People looking at computers

Asraful Kohkahn '23

Press Freedom in Bangladesh

Sports Gambling Revenue in NY Chart

Niko Scarlatos '23

The Effects of Legalized Sports Betting

Inside baseball stadium filled with fans

David Patalano '23

Sports gambling ads skyrocketing

Image of a portal

Jalen Tart '23

Transfer portal

Female with a bag

Dalia Abdelwahab '23

Evolution of fashion in microblogging

Nassau Coliseum

Angelo Vansant '23

Future of Nassau Coliseum

Image of baseball player

Lucas Pino '23

Future of Sports

City Streets

Athena Dawson '23

Revitalization of South Jamaica Queens

Office building

Madeline Armstrong '23

Long Island Immigrants: A community in need

Man reading newspaper

Alyssa Lidman, '22

Corporate and Non-Profit Newsrooms

Bill Bleyer (right) interviewing executives building new railroad cars for the Long Island Rail Road in Canada

Ahjane Forbes, '22

The future of print journalism

Billie Jean King playing tennis

Jake April, '22

The impact of Title IX 50 years later

American Soldier with children

Katrina O'Brien, '22

Veterans and advocates demand improvements of mental health services at VA

Kristin Bravo

Kristin Bravo, '21

Women's college sports thriving despite COVID-19 restrictions

Justin Joseph

Justin Joseph, '21

Racial disparity across sports on Long Island

Yuner Gao

Yuner Gao, '21

Aging of Chinese immigrants in New York

Jermaine Howerton

Jermaine Howerton, '21

COVID-19 affected disproportionate number of Black, Indigenous and People of Color

Dan Robertson

Dan Robertson, '21

How district finances determine student outcomes on Long Island

Magda Tsiklauri

Magda Tsiklauri, '21

The struggle for democracy in Belarus

Human Rights and Kashmir

Fatima Kahn, '20

Human Rights and Kashmir


Lakisha Bostick, '20

A detailed look at veganism in African American culture.

Younger newsroom show greater diversity

Khristal Depina, '20

Diversity in American Newsrooms

Rich Dolan

Cpt. Rich Dolan, '20

A Life of Transitions: The Impact of Service on the Identity of Immigrant Workers

Belmont Arena construction

William Fitzpatrick, '20

Belmont Arena Construction for New York Islanders

building landscape

Russell Sullivan, '20

Climate Change's Impact on the Local Economy

It's not you, it's memes.

Jared Grossman, '20

Propagation of Political Memes and their Influence in the Social Media Era


Priscila Korb, '20

Climate Change Affecting More than Humans on Long Island


Jordan Stoopler, '20

Women's Hockey Players Fight for Equality

Mikaeda White

Mikaeda White, '20

COVID-19’s Impacts on Communities of Color


Ryan Ye, '20

Coronavirus: A World Without Sports

Do You Live in a News Desert?

Michael Fuller, '21

News Deserts in South Carolina

Covid -19 effect on broadcasting

Seth Noboa, '21

Covid-19 effect on broadcasting

Covid effect on business

Maryianas Marte, '21

Covid effect on business

Impact of vulnerable populations

Alex Whitbeck, '21

Impact of vulnerable populations

Racism on campus

Stephanie Banat, '21

Hofstra faculty call for changes

Fertility after 40

Danielle Dellilo, '21

Fertility after 40