Master of Arts in Journalism

Student & Alumni Success

Katrina O'Brien

Katrina O'Brien, '22

Katrina is working on as a reporter at WJHL Channel 11 News in Johnson City, Tennesse.

Danielle Dellilo

Danielle Dellilo, '21

Graduated from Hofstra’s MA in journalism program in 2021. She is the promotions...

Brian Stieglitz

Brian Stieglitz, ‘17

Brian Stieglitz grew up and lives in Seaford, NY. He has a master's degree in journalism...

Jacob April

Jacob April

Jacob April started the journalism master’s program at Hofstra in the fall of 2020...

Kyle Gelling '17

Kyle Gelling '17

Kyle Gelling '17 says the journalism master’s program at Hofstra equipped him for a career path...

Jeffrey Palmaccio '21

Jeffrey Palmaccio '21

A change of heart can happen anywhere and anytime. Ask Jeffrey Palmaccio, who was looking for a transition from the world of politics to journalism...

Melissa Berman

Melissa Berman

Graduated from Hofstra University in May 2020 and returned...

Jared Grossman

Jared Grossman '20

says the graduate journalism program at Hofstra helped him gain the confidence...

Sandrina Rodrigues

Sandrina Rodrigues, 2011

A recession, a hurricane, and now a pandemic. These are three major events that have....

Kristan Bravo

Kristan Bravo, 2021

There are many people who are looking to make a career in the world of media....

Evelyn Infante

Evelyn Infante

is an international commercial administrator for Fox News Media...

Jordan Stoopler

Jordan Stoopler '20

There is a tremendous international presence on the campus of Hofstra University. Jordan Stoopler, a native of Montreal...

Chris Buckley

Chris Buckley, BA 2015, MA 2016

Image: Chris Buckley, right, with colleague and CBS Sports legend, Jim Nantz.

Writer and Chief News Desk Associate for CBS News Radio in NYC since 2016...

Fatima Khan

Fatima Khan, '21

faced immense adversity as she pursued a master’s degree in journalism at Hofstra. ....

Nick Valastro

Nick Valastro ’16

Garden City’s Nick Valastro ’16 only had to drive right around the corner to assess his skills at Hofstra University.

Jonathan Calixte

Jonathan Calixte '20

graduated from Hofstra with an MA in journalism in May 2020. He says the skills he learned in the program...

Priscila Korb

Priscila Korb

A May 2020 graduate of the Master of Arts program in journalism...

Melissa Wamp

Melissa Wamp

moved to Cincinnati to pursue a career with the Bengals.

Bob Doda

Bob Doda, 2011

The path to graduate school is not always the same for people...

Rich Dolan

Rich Dolan, 2020

People from many different paths find their way to Hofstra. For Rich Dolan, his path is via the military....

Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller, 2017

Hofstra University

Marianys Marte, 2022

Marianys Marte graduated from Fordham University in 2017 with a major in communications and media studies...

Raymond Mora

Raymond Mora

Graduated from the journalism M.A. program in May 2019...

Sara Whitman

Sara Whitman '19

Hofstra’s MA in Journalism program regularly puts students in the path of key influencers and executives at a range...

Ryan Ye

Ryan Ye, 2020

From Toronto, Ontario to Long Island, geography isn’t the only transition that Ryan Ye made....