Master of Health Administration


The Master of Health Administration (MHA) internship is an integral part of the curriculum; it provides students with an opportunity to enhance and apply many components of the MHA curriculum in a practical or applied setting. During the internship, students are expected to undertake the duties and responsibilities of a health or health care administrator for approximately 300-hours. Students are provided support and supervision from a Hofstra University MHA internship coordinator throughout their internship. Upon completion of the internship, students are expected to demonstrate the knowledge, competencies, and inter/intra-personal skills required to be a successful administrator.

Students may complete their internships in the health services field that best aligns with their professional interests and are expected to locate their internship through the practical application of networking. The student, the internship site mentor, and the Hofstra University MHA internship coordinator collaborate to construct and outline the specifics of each student's internship experience. These specifics may differ according to the student's internship site; however, all projects (and internship sites) must be approved by the Hofstra University MHA internship coordinator before students begin their internships.

Students in the Master of Health Administration programs at Hofstra University complete their internships in a wide variety of health services institutions in the New York metropolitan area, including:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Case management and housing services for people with serious mental illness
  • Child study centers
  • County health department
  • Health organizations
  • Healthcare alliances
  • Home care agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Medical billing companies
  • Medical centers/health systems
  • Medical research facilities
  • Mental health centers
  • Mental health organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Nursing and rehabilitation centers
  • Physical therapy facilities
  • Primary care facilities
  • Private clinician offices
  • Rehabilitation facilities
  • Urgent care centers
  • Wellness centers