Problem of the Month

Problem of the Month is posted three times each semester. The first person to get a correct solution to Dan Ismailescu will receive a certificate at Math Recognition Night.

Putnam Competition

Students from Hofstra University participate each year in the William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition, given on the first Saturday in December. This challenging test is given to undergraduates all over the United States and Canada. The problems do not necessarily require any advanced mathematics; many are accessible to students in their first year of calculus. There are big bucks for the individuals and schools that do extremely well. For others, there are the honors and graduate school opportunities that come with being listed as one of the top 500 participants. Furthermore, there are book prizes for the first and second place winners at Hofstra. For everyone, there is the enjoyment of working on interesting problems and improving your problem-solving skills, as well as certificates awarded at Math Recognition Night. The competition takes place on campus, with lunch provided courtesy of the Math Department. The deadline for registration is in early October each year. If you are interested in participating, please leave your name, email address, and telephone number with Dan Ismailescu.


Kryptos is a cipher-breaking competition run by Central Washington University each April. Students can work either alone or in a team of up to three. Johanna Franklin is willing to serve as a faculty sponsor and work with students before the competition begins.


SCUDEM ("Student Competition Using Differential Equations Modeling") is a new modeling competition held in April. Students work in teams of three. Contact Yihren Wu for more information.