Fieldwork & Student Teaching

Students working toward their BSEd in Music Education will apply for admission to Hofstra’s School of Education, typically during their junior year. All students enrolled in the School of Education programs that lead to New York State Teaching Certification are required to complete a minimum of 100 hours of fieldwork prior to the student teaching experience.


Fieldwork provides an opportunity to put theory into practice. Students are placed in a variety of classroom settings across the all grades and ability levels covered by the student's area of certification. This initial fieldwork is designed to allow the student to examine the learning process within the context of a dynamic learning environment. Fieldwork is completed at sites arranged by the Office of Field Placement within the School of Education. Students are not free to secure their own field placements or call sites to arrange their own placements; formal arrangements must be made for a student's presence in a school.

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Student Teaching

Student teaching is a period of guided professional development, when students assume increasing responsibility for all of the activities involved in actual classroom teaching. It is an opportunity to integrate and apply, in a field-based setting, the knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired during the professional sequence.

Student teachers are under the immediate supervision of skilled cooperating teachers and the general supervision of the school principal. The University supervisor links the student teacher, the school, and the University. The University supervisor provides assistance to the student and works closely with school personnel in planning and evaluating field experience. The University supervisor also facilitates an analysis of the student’s teaching and, in consultation with other appropriate school personnel, helps summarize current competencies and clarify goals for continued professional growth.

All assignments for student teaching are arranged by the Office of Field Placement within the School of Education. It is the policy of the School of Education to place students in a variety of districts, including a "high-needs" school, as defined and required by New York state. Students are asked not to contact schools until notified to do so by the Office of Field Placement. Credit is given only for student teaching assigned by the University through the Office of Field Placement and supervised by University faculty.

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