It takes a lot of people to make the hundreds of events run smoothly during Welcome Week! Our staff is composed of a number of professional staff and two groups of student leaders who work in planning and implementing programs to ensure that our students feel welcome at Hofstra University.

Welcome Week Coordinators (WWC) are the heart and soul of our program. They are students who have had prior leadership experience and help plan and implement the program. Welcome Week Coordinators serve in conjunction with the Orientation staff. The WWC role mirrors the overall New Student Orientation program in that it has two parts: Summer Orientation and Welcome Week. During Summer Orientation, Welcome Week Coordinators have overlapping responsibilities with Orientation Leaders. In addition to planning the Welcome Week program, WWCs provide support and serve as a resource to incoming students. WWCs are also expected to facilitate evening programs and morning check-in during Summer Orientation, and to interact with our new incoming students.

Welcome Week Coordinators Summer 2023

Welcome Week Coordinators Summer 2022

From left to right: Hannah Grynberg, Colton Hanna, and Bianca St. Onge

Hannah Grynberg is a rising senior from Bridgewater, New Jersey, double majoring in Public Relations and Spanish. She loved volunteering as a Welcome Week Leader in Fall '21 and '22 so much that she decided to apply for and become a Welcome Week Coordinator for Summer 2023! As someone who loves New York City and Long Island, Hannah will be serving as Welcome Week Coordinator in charge of Explore Next Door trips as well as social programming during Welcome Week. She is so excited to help new students explore the beautiful city and other amazing areas that surround them, as well as welcome students to the university she loves so much!

Colton Hanna is a rising senior who majors in Psychology, Philosophy, and Religion & Contemporary Issues from Hogeye, Texas. Colton is excited to work toward creating a fun, inclusive, welcoming atmosphere for our incoming students as the Welcome Week Coordinator for logistics. As a student active in clubs and organizations in and around campus, their skills will be useful in the logistics position, working alongside the rest of our team to ensure a fluid transition into college. Colton looks forward to meeting our first-years and offering a fun-filled time of safe, educational, and inclusive welcome activities!

Bianca St. Onge is a rising senior from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, who is majoring in Psychology and triple minoring in Human Services, Disability Studies, and Music. Bianca served as a Welcome Week Leader for the past two years and had such a great experience that she decided to apply to be Welcome Week Coordinator (WWC) this year. Bianca will be working with the Welcome Week Leaders to provide a welcoming environment for new Hofstra students. She is also responsible for the club fair, which helps new students get involved on campus. Bianca is most looking forward to preparing Welcome Week Leaders to be a guide for the new students when they arrive on Hofstra’s campus and creating an informative and fun experience for the incoming class.  

Welcome Week Leaders

Welcome Week Leaders are student volunteers who run our planned events and programs, provide tours, and ensure that students feel comfortable at their new home away from home. You'll meet your WWLs in person at Welcome Week check-in and at most events throughout the five-day program.  They will be your guide to all things Hofstra before classes begin.  Some of them will also be traveling with you during our Explore Next Door trips into New York City and the surrounding areas.

Become A Welcome Week Leader!

Welcome Week Leaders

What does a Welcome Week Leader (WWL) do?

  • Mentor and guide a group of 15-25 first-year students in their initial days on campus
  • Connect students to appropriate resources and ease their transition to college
  • Lead icebreakers to help students connect with one another
  • Attend and assist with Welcome Week events

What are the perks of being a WWL?

  • Hofstra apparel
  • Meal card during shifts
  • Develop leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Great springboard to other leadership opportunities at Hofstra

What qualities are you looking for in WWLs?

  • Positive attitudes
  • Hofstra Pride
  • Ability to foster an inclusive environment
  • Timeliness
  • Team player
  • Good communication skills

What are the requirements of being a WWL?

  • Be a currently registered undergraduate student for fall 2024
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • No active community standards violations
  • Must participate in MANDATORY training from August 26 to 28, 2024. This training is organized and presented by Welcome Week Coordinators and various offices around campus so that all WWLs can provide new students with resources, contacts, and other important information about life at Hofstra. This is also a time to make connections with other WWLs!
  • Be available during Welcome Week, Thursday, August 29, to Monday, September 2, 2024, to help acclimate new students to the Hofstra Pride!

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