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Family eSpace

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Family eSpace is a Hofstra supported portal designed to inform and engage family members. Through Family eSpace, family members will have access to view classifieds, discussion boards, family and campus events, Hofstra’s family regional directory, Parent Council information, volunteer opportunities, and webinars. For FERPA-authorized users, family members will have additional access to your student schedule and campus address.

To authorize family members to access Family eSpace, students must:

1. Log onto their student portal at

2. Select the person icon on the upper right corner and select "My Account" from the drop-down menu.

3. Select FERPA/Family eSpace/eBill from the list of links on the left.

4. Use the FERPA tab  to select the type of FERPA-protected information the student wants to share with family, and specify the person(s) to whom the student is granting access. Student may select FERPA access to "No Records" (and still give access to Family eSpace).

**Please note that the ONLY FERPA-protected information families can access online through Family eSpace is the student's class schedule and the student's campus address. (For example, if a student gives the family member FERPA permission to "academic records", families can only receive that information by speaking to a University administrator. Please contact the Office of Parent and Family Programs with your questions.)

5. Click on Family eSpace tab. Again, the student may select access to "No Records" on FERPA form for the named family member and still allow that person access to Family eSpace. Family eSpace has features beyond FERPA-protected information, aimed to engage and inform parents and family members.

6. Scroll down and select Invite to Family eSpace under the family member's name, which should now be listed in this tab after being added in the FERPA tab.

7. In the white pop-up window, select New Family Member and enter the family member's email address and submit.

8. The family member will receive an email to activate their account and set up a username/password.

9. After parents/family members have created a login, they are all set to enter Family eSpace at any time at (the same login page as the student portal).

If you have questions, please contact Parent and Family Programs at 516-463-4698 or