A student can major or minor in philosophy, take philosophy courses as part of other majors or minors, and study philosophy in Hofstra University Honors College or the First-Year Connections program.

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  • Philosophy, BA is a traditional liberal arts degree that focuses on honing critical thinking and analytical skills. These skills can be applied to careers in law, journalism, business, medicine, cognitive science, neuroscience, computer science and many others. The BA is particularly  appropriate for students who plan to double major in another area.
  • Philosophy, BS is focused on philosophical areas that are relevant to another professional, technical or scientific discipline. The BS would appeal to science or engineering students with an interest in patent law, and business, science and pre-med students interested in building their writing, ethical and critical reasoning skills.
  • Pre-Health with a concentration in Philosophy, BA develops the same skills as the BA in Philosophy, but the program includes all the courses needed for medical school. This program is designed for pre-med students who want a broad liberal arts background, in addition to preparing for medical school.

Overview of comparison between the BA and BS in Philosophy


Concentrations Within Philosophy

Students can concentrate within the major or minor in Applied Ethics. Dr. Ralph Acampora (email), Associate Professor of Philosophy, directs the Applied Ethics concentration.

Other Interdisciplinary Programs

Philosophy courses are also part of several other interdisciplinary programs, including:

  • Technology and Public Policy
  • Urban Ecology
  • Environmental Resources
  • Sustainability Studies
  • Criminology and Forensic Studies
  • American Studies
  • Public Affairs
  • Global Studies

Honors College and First-Year Connections

Philosophy is a core discipline for the Honors College yearlong introductory course, Culture and Expression, and philosophy faculty regularly teach that course. Honors College also offers Honors Seminars, which frequently focus on philosophical topics and are taught by Philosophy Department faculty.

Philosophy courses are also offered in the First-Year Connections program.