Physician Assistant Studies

Physician Assistant Tuition and Fees

Expenses listed are approximations, subject to change, and exclude room and board. Visit our Tuition and Fees page for the most up-to-date information. The tuition and fees reflected below are for the graduate portion of the program. Not all expenses are covered by financial aid. Students should reserve funds for the following expenses:

University Tuition and Fees – Class Entering Fall 2020

Tuition $114,866.00
University fees $2,500.00
 Total Tuition and Fees $117,366.00

Program and Professional Ancillary Costs

Books $500.00
Student Response System equipment $40.00
Medical Equipment/Medical Supply Bags $1,000.00
Health Insurance $2,000.00
Car expenses such as gasoline, tolls, and parking $2,500.00
AAPA student membership $75.00
NYSSPA student membership $75.00
Infection Control certificate $35.00
HIPAA certification $25.00
Medical Terminology course $80.00
Laptop computer with privacy screen $800.00
BCLS/ACLS $300.00
Fit Testing $90.00
Influenza vaccinations $75.00
Background check $132.50
Total Ancillary Costs $7,727.50


TOTAL COST (Tuition, Fees, and Ancillary Costs) $125,093.50



**Beginning with students entering the graduate program in fall 2021, a clinical placement fee in the amount of $1,000 will be applied during the student's clinical clerkship year.**


Students enrolled in the Direct Entry PA program (beginning with the first-year class entering Hofstra in fall 2015) will be charged the standard undergraduate tuition until a Bachelor of Science is earned. Once the degree is granted, students will be charged the standard graduate tuition.

Students may withdraw from the PA program at any time except during the final examination period. This request must be made in writing to the program director. Upon receipt of a request for withdrawal prior to the end of the first week of classes, please consult the Hofstra University Class Schedule. Students must also follow University withdrawal policies.