John Cranford Adams Playhouse

Rental Information

Rental Procedures

Though the primary function of the John Cranford Adams Playhouse is to host University events and academic programs, the facility is offered as a rental house to non-University productions and organizations, as a community service and as the University schedule allows.

University events are generally scheduled the February prior to any given academic year (September to August), therefore rental clients cannot be scheduled during the academic semesters until March prior to the next academic year.

All requests for dates must be submitted through the Playhouse Reservation Request Form. This request must include times the facility is required, from first entry of the client organization into the building to “last boots out.” A response will be sent not more than two weeks later, either confirming the commitment or expressing regrets that the facility is already booked for that date and time.

If specific dates are not yet known or are flexible, please email an inquiry to the Director of Theater Facilities citing a range of dates, with approximate times of entry and exit, and preferred days of the week. Such an inquiry will be responded to within two weeks, either by email or by telephone to better and more quickly assess useable dates.

Hofstra University Theater Facilities looks to contract dates not later than two months prior to any given event (see Policies below). Please plan specific date requests and availability inquiries accordingly.

Dates that are confirmed are then committed. The Director of Theater Facilities will advise of any conflicts as they arise and will argue for the interests of potential rental clients in event of any conflict until signing and execution of contract by Hofstra University’s business representatives.

Conflicting requests are resolved on the basis of consecutive seniority. If such a conflict arises, the senior client will be given two weeks time to go to contract, after which the junior client will be given that opportunity.

Rental Policies

While the most pressing rental policies are listed below, rental clients must adhere to all policies listed in the Hofstra University Theater Facilities contract package. The contract package will be sent to prospective clients via email, once a rental date has been agreed to. Preliminary technical considerations must be approved by this time.

Adams Playhouse Rental Rates

The Adams Playhouse is rented per day in an initial seven-hour block, which provides two hours for load-in and set-up, three hours of showtime, and two hours for load-out. Rental rates as listed below include the use of all in-house resources – up to three technicians (dependent on availability; one staff technician is required), and front-of-house staff, including ushers and house manager. Other considerations, such as reception space, catering (covered below), on-site security, signage, or additional equipment and supplies may incur additional charges from Theater Facilities or other Hofstra departments.

Additional time contiguous to the initial seven hours is rentable per hour.

Current rates are as follows:

Initial Rental Rate: Monday through Saturday $5,120
Each Additional Hour or Part Thereof (Overtime) $735
Initial Rental Rate: Sunday $5,340
Each Additional Hour or Part Thereof (Overtime) $765

Rates are adjusted every year on September 1.

Rental Fees are billable by occupancy and commitment of Playhouse resources to the set-up or breakdown of an event.

For some repeating occupancies, most notably academically related children’s theater, other rental terms are available.

Payment Terms

Hofstra University requires a nonrefundable deposit at contract signing of 1/3 the estimated fee of any contract.

The remainder of the rental fee is due not less than seven business days prior to the date and time of first occupancy.

Any additional fees (unexpected overtime, although this is not always possible) will be billed post-production.

All payments must be in the form of a cashier’s or certified check made out to Hofstra University. Payment is to be delivered to the Director of Theater Facilities:

Alan Pittman, Director of Theater Facilities
Adams Playhouse, Room 102B
118 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1180l

Insurance Requirements

All rental clients of the Adams Playhouse must possess general liability coverage from a reputable insurance provider and must provide to the Director of Theater Facilities an original, standard insurance rider naming Hofstra University as additionally insured for the dates of occupancy of the Playhouse. This rider must be provided prior to signing and execution of the contract.

Technical Requirements

Written technical requirements are due prior to commitment of dates. While Theater Facilities will make every effort to accommodate requests, not all requests are possible. Please provide technical requirements via email; any updates must be filed by updating the document and sending the new document as a replacement for the previous.

Either the Director of Theater Facilities or the technical staff may contact the client with any challenges to best assess how to proceed with any technical resources or requirements that are beyond the in-house inventory or facility capabilities, or to confirm the availability of technical requirements.

Technical requirements approved at contract signing will be available and possible at the clients’ entry into the Playhouse. The Playhouse technical staff will make every reasonable effort to supply any additions or changes between contract signing and event date at the staff and administration’s discretion, but not all changes can be accommodated.

Technical information not listed on the Technical Specifications page can be requested via email. Please address any inquiries to the Director of Theater Facilities and all technical staff. Planning discussions can be requested in the same fashion. 


For legal reasons, Hofstra University Theater Facilities does not provide ticketing services to rental clients. We recommend TheaterManiaWorldwide Ticketcraft, or ExtremeTix for ticketing solutions.

The secondary ticket office at the Playhouse can be provided to rental clients one hour prior to house opening for any rental event. Earlier or additional times can often be arranged as a facet of technical requirements (see above).

The seating chart for the Adams Playhouse may be downloaded here.

Please note that the Adams Playhouse seats no more than 1105 patrons, and standing room is not permitted by state fire codes.

Catering, Concessions, and Receptions

All catering for event personnel (not audience) must be ordered through Hofstra’s Catering Services provider, Lackmann Culinary Services.

Limited concessions may be sold by the rental organization for an event audience in the Lower Lounge upon request. Bottled water and pre-approved snack foods are the only food and beverage permitted in the auditorium. Please include any concession items in the technical requirements for approval.

Due to its architecture, the Playhouse is not a suitable space for any post- or pre-show receptions of any sizable scale. If a reception is desired, please contact the Director of Theater Facilities to begin to coordinate with Hofstra University Event Management and Hofstra Dining Services. Not all requests can be accommodated and all reception costs, including space rental and food services, are billable beyond the Adams Playhouse Rental Fees.

Video and Audio Recording

At present, audio and video recording is not provided by Theater Facilities nor Hofstra University.

Additional Security

Any additional security to the campus-wide rounds made by Hofstra University Public Safety must be arranged along with technical requirements.  All additional security must be provided by Hofstra University Public Safety and will require additional fees as determined by Public Safety.


The Adams Playhouse has limited seating and mandated ramp access to the auditorium for wheelchairs, and hearing assistance is available at the House Manager’s office for patrons.

Seating Chart