Political Science


Students in the Department of Political Science have interned in government, nonprofit organizations, think tanks, and advocacy groups such as the United Nations, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Human Rights Watch, and the Society for International Law. Students have also interned at Long Island district offices of state and local legislators and other government offices.

In addition, there are two internship opportunities that are offered each year through the department.

The Washington Semester Program – This program has – for over 25 years – invited Hofstra students to become interns in Congress, the Executive Branch, the Federal Judiciary, and various nongovernmental organizations. In recent years, Hofstra students have worked for various senators and representatives in the State Department and the Justice Department, for the Office of the Clerk of the United States Supreme Court, and for such groups as the American Defense Institute.

The New York State Assembly Session Internship – This internship involves working in the office of a member of the New York State Assembly in Albany. Interns are assigned research and administrative responsibilities in an Assembly office, spending a minimum of 30 hours at the Capital each week. In addition, interns enroll in a course on legislative politics, for which required readings are provided and which meets periodically.